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The Most in Demand College Majors

most in demand college majors

Around 12 million American students are enrolled in college, which shows that we’re eager to start the careers of our dreams. Choosing the right major is key for standing out from other graduates and figuring out your passion. But with…

What Are the Benefits of Child-Centered Learning?

Child-Centered Learning

No two children learn exactly the same. Each brain develops distinctive neural pathways, making this organ unique like fingerprints. This means that one child’s brain works and learns differently from another child’s. When schools try to teach a uniform curriculum, some kids…

Can You Switch Majors in College?

Can You Switch Majors in College

It’s Junior year of college and you’ve finally figured out what you want to major in. There’s just one problem: you’re already an Anthropology major. Can you switch majors in college, and if so, how? The good news is that…