The Most in Demand College Majors

Around 12 million American students are enrolled in college, which shows that we’re eager to start the careers of our dreams.

Choosing the right major is key for standing out from other graduates and figuring out your passion. But with so many courses available, knowing which one to apply for feels overwhelming. Maybe you’re in this position and want to know which majors are popular.

Sounds like you? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the most in demand college majors.


You could buy fake diploma or enroll in an engineering course. This major uses physics and mathematics to design an array of items from vehicles to electronics. A major advantage is you can pursue different specializations once you’ve earned your degree, depending on your preferences.

Computer Science

One of the top 5 college majors in computer science. During the course, you’ll learn everything about cybersecurity, information systems management, and software development. This major attracts thousands of students every year as you can enjoy a comfortable living.


If you’re looking for college degrees in demand, nursing is for you. Students develop their critical thinking, communication, and time management so their patients are cared for. You can also choose to work in different environments such as hospitals, and schools, or even become a travel nurse.

Students could also become medical assistants if they’re interested in the healthcare industry. Also, you can choose whether to work in private practice or a local hospital.

Business Administration

One of the highest paying college degrees is in business administration. After graduation, you can hold managerial positions in different companies and earn a killing. It could even inspire you to become an entrepreneur and turn your passion into a profit.


Students looking for lucrative college majors should consider accounting. This is the go-to for anyone who loves analyzing data and crunching numbers. Accountants can also choose to work in an office or as a freelancer, which is a bonus.


Looking for top college degrees? Then, take a marketing course, especially if you love advertising. In the course, you’ll also learn about psychology, communications, and sales.

Political Science

If you love politics and history, this is the major for you. The course covers a wide range of topics such as law and social history. Once you’ve graduated, you can become a town planner, lobbyist, or even run for your local council.


Architects work alongside engineers to design public or residential buildings. During the course, you’ll learn about the theory, materials, and computation to help with the planning phase. Note, you can eventually earn a decent living, whether you’re working for the government or a private firm.

Know the Most in Demand College Majors

Now you know the most in demand college majors.

There are many options such as applying for a course in engineering or marketing. Students can also study for political science or architecture major, depending on their skillset. Good luck!

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