5 Fabulous Ways to Pose for Pictures Without Looking Awkward

Did you know that nearly four million photos are uploaded to Instagram every hour? We live in a world where cameras, photos, and selfies are ubiquitous. And if you aren’t good at taking photos then you might have low self-esteem and feel jealous of all of the people around you who are taking Hollywood-level pics.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help you say cheese and show you how to pose for pictures without looking awkward.

1. Don’t Slouch

Generally, when you interact with people, you want to avoid slouching. But this is especially true when it comes to pictures. Your proportions will look off in photographs.

Keep your core tight. Don’t puff out your chest and gently pull back your shoulders. If you feel yourself straining then you’re trying too hard.

2. Don’t Square Yourself to the Camera

You want to angle yourself properly. Shift your weight onto one leg and put your hands in a natural position. You can put your hands against a wall, in your pockets, or around the waist of the person next to you.

You want to be loose and natural.

3. Count to Three

If you’re posing for a while and waiting for someone to finally snap a picture, your face and body can start to get fatigued. This is going to result in some unsightly photos.

Keep your eyes closed and ask the photographer to count to three for you. Being ready just before the photo is taken will help you make sure that your face is fresh and ready.

4. Smile With Your Whole Face

When we smile naturally, our whole face smiles too. If you’re just smiling with your mouth then your smile will seem stilted and fake. You don’t want to look like you’re smiling at gunpoint.

Make sure that your eyes light up and try to actually enjoy yourself while you take the photo. If you need a second to reset, give yourself that moment.

And if you’re taking the photo with someone else, ask them to give you a little tickle under the arm to help get you smiling.

If you’re embarrassed by your smile then consider getting a corrective procedure like Invisalign. Invisalign can help you align your teeth while keeping the corrective trays out of sight.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Lastly, practice on your own. Practice in front of the mirror and with your own phone. See what angles you look good in and get a better sense of how you look on camera.

Pose for Pictures Today

For a lot of people, it can be daunting to pose for pictures. But by following the steps above, you can start posing like the model you are. Just remember to act natural and enjoy yourself.

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