5 Amazing foods to Improve Your Memory

Our memory is one of the major functions of our brain and a strong memory is the most important thing we need all the time for performing our job or in our normal life activities. Sometimes, you feel that you are finding it difficult to memorize the contents of your presentation at work or you’ve started forgetting names of people or even you completely forget about the things you came to purchase from grocery store. It seems that you’ve suddenly lost a large portion of your mind powers which is very frustrating. But you don’t need to worry! We’ve some perfect foods that can boost your memory and brain power in just few weeks.

5. Eggs


Egg is one of the best foods to improve your memory and cognitive powers.Egg is a perfect food for breakfast as it is rich in healthy and memory boosting nutrients like B vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-e fatty acids are amazing in keeping your nerve cells healthy and strong, antioxidants protects brain cells against free radicals and B vitamins provide energy to the brain. Eggs also contain a secret type of amino acid, “tyrosine” that increase the alertness levels in neurotransmitters in brain and improves memory. According to a research in Amsterdam University, it was proved that eating eggs regularly makes memory sharper and also improves ability to solve problems quickly.

4. Brown Rice


Like eggs, brown rice is rich in B vitamins like riboflavin that improves memory and boost brain powers by providing energy to neurons. It also contains an important amino acid GABA (gama-aminobutyric acid), which is very important for keeping mind safe from memory related problems. This essential neurotransmitter not only protects your memory but it also keeps you calm and relaxed by reducing stress levels.

3. Coffee 


New studies has proved that coffee is very effective food and one of the best home remedies to improve memory that boost your brain powers. Your daily coffee intake not only keeps you alert and awake but it also keeps your brain in shape. In several researches, it was found that women over 60 years of age who regularly drank coffee 2 to three times in a day had much better memory than those who didn’t use coffee. Scientists have also found that coffee really improves the storage ability of brain that is related to long term memories. According to scientists, coffee improves the production of memory sharpening neurotransmitters like dopa mine and boosts your memory, improves your reaction time and relieves your from stress. Don’t try to take three cups of coffee in 24 hours or it can affect your sleep and harm your stomach as well.

2. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are packed with vitamin E that acts like a powerful antioxidant to eliminate free radicals and protect brain and body from oxidation. Moreover several researches show that vitamin E not only protects your brain but it also improves your memory. Sunflower seeds are also rich in thiamine that is very good for improving cognitive abilities and memory.

1. Apples

foods to Improve Your Memory

It is a known fact that apples are great in protecting you from diseases, strengthening your immune system and keeping your healthy. But now scientists have discovered that apples are actually very good for brain health also. Apples are rich in all kinds of important vitamins like A, B, C and antioxidants that are very important for the overall health of your body and brain. According to scientists, apple protects our neurons from any kind of damage and keeps brain cells weakening with the older age. Apples contain two most important antioxidants, flavonoids and quercetin that protect neurons from degenerating and also keep them healthy and improves your memory functions.

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