How to Day Trade Crypto: Tips for Crypto Beginners

Want to start trading with cryptocurrencies?

Crypto day trading is an easy and most profitable way to make a fortune in the cryptocurrency market. Nowadays, many traders are becoming cautious about going in and out of the market in a day.

However, a day trader must understand crypto and trading codes. Furthermore, you must only invest what you can afford to lose. Therefore, if you have good risk control skills, keep reading to know some tips on how to day trade crypto.

Fundamentals of Crypto Day Trading

Crypto Day Trading is a process of entering and leaving a market position throughout the day. It’s also recognized as intraday trading since trades open and close within the day. The primary purpose of crypto day trading is to earn money from small market actions.

It’s a great way to earn some cash as cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. It’s uncommon for any traditional commodity or stock to catch a ten percent climb in value in a day. However, in trading crypto, such jumps can occur.

So you should have an ideal approach for crypto day trading and know all basic and technical notions. You can use chart patterns, price action, and other indicator options to move in and out of the market.


Scalping is an approach most traders use in crypto day trading to invest in a higher trading volume. For example, they could leave out of trades a few minutes after they enter and take small earnings with them.

Some scalpers use trading bots to automate their trading moves for more convenience. A scalper looks for small gains, so they scalp the crypto market for small prospects. However, they need a vast amount of capital to make profits as the returns from such a technique are very small.


This is the most popular strategy in day trading for crypto traders. Arbitrage is buying crypto on a platform and marketing it on another platform earning the price difference. For instance, Bitcoin’s cryptocurrency price on Coinbase is $55,000 but it sells at $55,500 on Binance.

When you buy one Bitcoin on Coinbase and market them on Binance in a few minutes, you can earn an income of $500 less the fees. Like scalping, arbitrage can only bring small earnings. So if the volume of the order is a large amount, you will earn more returns.

Range Trading

Range trading is more reliant on the idea of resistance and support on the charts. To thrive in range trading, you should know how to study a chart and pinpoint the resistance and support levels. Traders determine crypto price ranges in the market systems and plan trades on those ranges.

The concept is to buy crypto if the price is within the support and sell if it reaches near resistance. Traders taking the range of those prices will keep resistance and support until the price breaks beyond that limit. The base limit of a price range will push the price upwards, and the top limit will shove the price downwards.

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Learn How to Day Trade Crypto

Know you know a few things about how to day trade crypto and make a profit through it. By following the strategies above, day trading crypto can be a profitable venture. Moreover, it provides a few excellent gains, especially for short-term traders.

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