How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost? A Simple Guide

Drug addiction is a terrible and terrifying thing. Over the course of 2021, it claimed a total of 101,623 people’s lives. While this number is less than it was for 2020, it’s still a grim reminder of the stakes of the situation.

Fortunately, most people who deal with addiction make it out alive. You can increase your chances of surviving and thriving past your addiction by going to rehab.

You may wonder, “How much does drug rehab cost?” If so, then this is the guide for you. We’ll let you know what kind of costs you can expect.

Cost Depends on the Type of Treatment

The main factor that determines how much rehab will cost is the type of treatment that you receive. There are several possible programs, including but not limited to:


Detox basically refers to getting the drugs out of your system. The more dangerous the drug’s withdrawal symptoms, the more expensive detox will be. You can get detox on an outpatient basis for around $1000 to $1500, but it will be incorporated by default into most inpatient rehab facilities.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab centers work best for those with moderate addictions and those who need to receive treatment while still going about their daily lives. The cost of these programs depends on how long you’re with them, how often you visit, and what resources they offer.

Outpatient facilities may offer hands-on tips about how to get sober while living out in the world.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab centers are by far the most expensive as they offer the most comprehensive treatments and resources for those with a substance use disorder. Prices can range anywhere from $6000 to $60,000 depending on the reputation of the facility, amenities offered, and the length of the program.

Check With Your Insurance Company

If any of those costs sounded prohibitively expensive, don’t despair. You can still receive the help you need for your drug addiction. Check with your insurance company to see if they provide coverage for recovery.

Even if they don’t cover your treatment in full, they may be able to assist with some of the initial medical bills.

When Going to Rehab, Look for Financial Aid

Lastly, when you look into going to rehab, check with the facility itself. Many recovery centers offer some form of financial aid to help people receive the help that they need. If you’d like to learn more about what questions you can ask a facility, click for more¬†information.

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost? It Depends

So, how much does drug rehab cost? Well, it depends on the type of treatment you receive. Your costs may also vary depending on whether your insurance covers the expense or the facility offers financial aid.

If all of this sounds daunting, don’t be afraid. Figuring out how to get sober and stay that way is a long, difficult, and sometimes expensive process. We hope that this guide gave you the information you need to start your journey to sobriety.

If you feel you need more information beyond this, visit the Health section of our blog for more in-depth guides like this one.

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