3 Tips to Manage Root Canal Pain

One of the benefits of modern dentistry is the ability to treat almost any dental issue. From tooth decay to gum disease, the professionals take dental care to an entirely new level.

Unfortunately, in some cases, oral issues like root canal abscesses and infections force dentists to use modern practices to relieve tooth pain rather than eliminate it in the first place. But, the good news is that dentists use a variety of methods to help modern patients cope with the pain of root canal treatment.

Find out more about how root canal pain are treated and discover some tips for coping with the pain and anxiety, below.

Understanding Root Canal

A root canal is a treatment to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or infected. Root canals are performed by Dentists and endodontists. During a root canal procedure, the diseased or damaged pulp, which contains nerves and blood vessels, is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed.

Without treatment, the tissue surrounding the tooth will become infected and abscesses may form. You might wondering what is root canal therapy and how it works. It is better to consult with a professional to know what’s best with your situation.

1. Don’t Ignore the Problem

If you’re experiencing root canal pain, don’t ignore it. You can do some things to manage the pain and get relief.

First, over-the-counter pain medications can help. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen can both be effective. If the pain is severe, you may need to see a dentist to have the root canal procedure done.

In the meantime, try to avoid eating or drinking anything on the side of your mouth that’s in pain. If the pain keeps you from sleeping, you can try taking a relaxing bath before bed or using a pillow to prop up your head.

2. Get to the Dentist Immediately

Root canal pain can be incredibly excruciating, and it is important to get to the dentist immediately if you are experiencing it.

Follow your Dentist’s aftercare instructions. They may be able to prescribe more vital medication.

3. Apply a Cold Compress to Your Face

If you’re experiencing root canal pain, one way to help manage it is by applying a cold compress to your face. You can fill a bag with ice and wrap it in a towel. Then, use it in the affected area for 20 minutes.

It can help numb the pain and reduce inflammation.

Managing Root Canal Pain

If you’re experiencing root canal pain, follow the few things above and what you can do to manage it. To help prevent further pain and infection, brush and floss your teeth regularly and see your dentist for regular checkups. If the pain is severe, your dentist may prescribe more vital pain medication.

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