17 Ways To Lose 10 Pounds

You must have tried a few of these ways in the previous times when you had to shed off the extra pounds. But this time we have given you a few more important points which you were lacking on previously. These points could help you in a long run if you follow them as a part of your daily life.

Have the desired weight of your choice and feel better about yourself. Wear your perfect party dresses or your favorite beach outfit and enjoy yourself or party with friends.

With the given set of rules we have provided you with, mold your lifestyle and see the changes that come for the better. Follow the tips and stay fit and healthy even when you have reached your desired weight goals.

17. Consume Less Burn More

Consume less burn more

The best way to keep a track on your calories is to know the amount you have consumed. When you know the amount which you have consumed then you know how much to shed.

  • You need to eat and burn. But the thing is, you have to burn more than you have eaten.
  • There is a good chance that you would maintain your weight as it is if you do not burn more than you have fed your body with.
  • It shall be made a daily practice to follow the eat and burn rule, until you have achieved your goal at least. And after that you can try to maintain by burning just as it is needed.

16. Say No To Carbohydrates

Say No To Carbohydrates

We love those yummy mashed potatoes and the deep fried rice. But, now you really need to hold down your cravings for your carbs. Carbohydrates are stored in the body as triglycerides. And this needs to have a break in order to reduce your body weight.

15. Increase Your Water Intake

Increase Your Water Intake

Your body is made up of 70 % water. So now you can imagine how important is water for your body. Water is the medium that carries glucose, vitamins and minerals throughout the body. Another purpose that adds to the list is the removal of toxic wastes from the body.

Water helps to eliminate such substances from the body. Besides this water also increases the biochemical breakdown if what we eat. Water positively plays a role in cooling down the temperature of the body by the mechanism of sweating.

  • A glass of carbonated drink can add up so many calories to your body! So without even thinking once you should replace it with water.
  • If you like taking caffeinated drinks, avoid them! And replace with a cup of hot water dipped with a tea bag of green tea. Make sure you haven’t added extra amount of sugar to the cup.

This way you will increase you water intake and secondly you will be able to let go of a lot of calories from your diet.

14. Intake Complex Carbs Instead Of Simple Carbs

Intake complex carbs instead of simple carbs

What is actually simple and complex carbohydrate? Simple carbohydrate is that form of carbohydrate that gets quickly digested by the body whereas the complex one takes time to digest and get absorbed by the body. They both differ in the complexity of their structures as well.

Simple carbohydrates are monosaccharide that includes glucose, fructose and galactose or disaccharide that includes sucrose (table sugar), maltose and lactose.
Talking about complex carbohydrates, they are long chains of saccharide know as polysaccharide.

  • When nutritionists advice to have complex carbohydrates they mean to intake whole grain food and starchy vegetables that are slowly absorbed as compared to the refined carbohydrates.
  • Complex carbohydrates are full of fibers as well as other nutrients which are digested by the body and get are released slowly in the blood stream.

13. Say No To Fast Food

Say No To Fast Food

Don’t make fast food your option until it is needed. This is a health friendly advice to you all. These fast foods are containing a lot of sodium in it and besides this they are high in cholesterol and sugar. It has been found that fast food increases the level of LDL in the body while decrease the good cholesterol or HDL. This is basically the role played by Trans fats which are also responsible for type 2 diabetes in the body.

High amount of sodium in the body can lead the body get bloated as it causes water retention. Increased sodium is also responsible for high blood pressure in the individuals.

  • It is a proven fact that these fast foods like burgers, fries etc are more harmful for your body rather than being beneficial. They are empty in nutritional values.
  • To reduce your weight this has to be the first thing that has to be dropped from your food item list.

12. Take Healthy Breakfast And A Small Quantity For Dinner

Take healthy breakfast and a small quantity for dinner

It is a very famous saying, “eat like a king for breakfast, lunch like a prince and like a pauper at dinner.”

This saying is basically the jest of everything required for a healthy meal routine.
When you get up in the morning you basically have an empty stomach because you have been sleeping for 6-8 hours. Now when you are up you need to boost up your energy and start your day with a complete set of nutrients required for your body.

As it comes to lunch time, you have to get going with your remaining works and so you need to refill the energy tank up again nicely.

Dinner is the time when you need to relax and so does your digestive system and work smoothly. By this time you do not need to fill yourself with a lot because after this is your bed time and hence there is no more of physical activity to burn off your calories.

  • Throughout your day you keep on burning the calories by physical activity so a complete diet is surely needed.
  • While you are when the dinner arrives there is not much to burn and hence little mushrooms, pepper stir fry or a few more low calorie vegetables would be enough.

11. Get On A Treadmill

Get On A Treadmill

Yes treadmill! Run and burn. This is the best tag line if one needs for a treadmill advertisement. It is all about how fast you can run or how long you can run. There are people usually the beginners who run for the same time period as their neighbor on the treadmill runs but loose less calories. This is all about how fast one actually runs. The faster you run the more calories you shed.

  • If you are beginner than you need to start with a slow pace and not more than 10 minutes.
  • It is better not to go for inclination as it may have an adverse effect on your knee joint later.

10. Cut Down Sodium

Cut Down Sodium

An average intake of sodium as per the body’s requirement should be 2300 milligrams or less each day. Sodium deals with muscle contraction and relaxation, nerve transmission and also improper fluid balance.

  • Increased intake of sodium can lead to bloating.
  • It is a natural process done to neutralize the salt in body which leads to water retention hence bloating.
  • So try and take less salt when you want to look slim.

9. No More Fizzy Drinks

No More Fizzy Drinks

Now these are the ones which are really the culprit for your weight gain if you are a regular fizzy drink consumer. These carbonated drinks are not only leading to an increase in weight gain but also are harmful for your health system badly.

  • Soda leads to gain in weight and tooth decay. An estimate states that drinking two cans of soda per day is equivalent to adding 24-35 pounds of fat per year. This gain depends on the age, size, and other activities.
  • These carbonated drinks basically have the potency to bind fat cells to them during carbonation. This slows a down the weight loss process.
  • Besides this carbonated drinks is actually an ingestion of air in the body so it bloats the GIT and slows down he digestion in turn leading to reduction in the weight loss process.

8. Swim Around

Swim Around

It is so relaxing to sit in a pool with some music on just to have a peaceful state. This is one of the few advantages of going to a pool. If you want to utilize your pool better you can also throw a pool party at your place and enjoy the night away. And you can also make this a tool to shed your extra kilos away.

  • Swimming is one the best exercises’ that helps to burn calories at a fast rate.
  • If you are ready to reduce your weight than swimming for an hour a day is enough to help you with your goal along with a controlled diet.

7. Intake Lean Proteins

Intake Lean Proteins

Lean proteins help you to fill your stomach without gaining weight. Protein is an important part of human’s diet that helps to fulfill a part of bodily requirement. This is very important for the growth of healthy muscles.

  • Fish is a lean protein which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and is low in saturated fats.
  • Chicken fillets without skin can also be taken in order to fulfill the appetite with lean protein.
  • Soy product like tofu are also high in proteins.

6. Take Short Meals

Take short meals

It has been conducted in a study that people who take short meals like more than the normal three big meals during the day are more likely to lose weight. But it is true that if you do not cut down the number of calories you are intaking you won’t shed pounds.

  • Do it the right way by limiting your calorie intake to 300-400 calories.
  • The best way to do this is by boiling up a bowl of veggies for yourself and eat them whenever you feel a little hungry.
  • Now the trick is to eat when you start feeling hungry and stop when you start feeling filled.
  • It is said that it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register when you feel satiated. So always be slow in your eating and chew well.

5. Start Some Sports

Start Some Sports

Sports is an amazing outdoor healthy activity which you need to adopt even if you are not willing to lose weight. Reason being that sporty activities keep your body healthy and functioning.

  • Sports activity like basket ball, baseball, foot ball helps you burn so much of your calories.
  • This keeps you engaged and with that helps you reduce weight as it requires energy to play these games which in turn is actually leading to burn your calories.

4. Just Walk

Just Walk

And it is the most repeated one, to keep moving. If you are a morning person then it surely is the healthiest time to wear your track suit and pull on your pair of socks and tighten up your shoe laces to jog or walk for 25 minutes continuously. This is said to be a very important walk of the day that shall be followed by a few stretches, exercises or yoga poses.

  • If you are in a mall or in a building always go for the stairs rather than going for escalators or elevators. This is one of the life modifications that can help you in staying active and moving.
  • Walking 40 steps after every meal shall also be made a routine practice to help the food get digested faster.
  • It is recommended not to sit after taking meals or sleep immediately rather walk for a while.

3. Switch To Spices From Sauces

Switch to spices from sauce

Now if you want to start with some salads you should avoid any sauces top dress the salad with. It is always better to pick spices over sauces when you are on a weight reduction diet. Sauces are always high on calories; they are not a good substitute for spices. So it is always better to season your salads rather than dressing them with caloric sauces.

  • You can use salt and pepper with a little extra virgin olive oil to your salads.
  • Do not add any extra sauces in your pasta just boil them and use herbs and spices to flavor your dish.

2. Utilize Your Time

Utilize your time

Time is the most important factor in anything you do. You need learn to get disciplined and utilize your time in the best possible way you can. Now here are a few tips to utilize your time:

  • If you are working in an office and most of the time is that you need to sit and do your work so here is one thing that you can practice. While you are sitting you can always utilize this time to a simple exercise for your butt by clenching your butt muscles and relaxing alternatively. This simple exercise will make a difference. You can even try this while you are sitting in the car.
  • The other tip that you can follow is that every time you go to the bathroom do a set of three squats and then use the bathroom.

1. Dance To The Music

Dance to the music

The most fun loving thing is to dance away with your friends or even when it’s only you, just shut the doors and start being yourself and dance to the beat. Dancing is one the ways to reduce your stress and your weight. If you don’t want to go for some hard exercises than just start dancing. Do it for an hour or so with a strict diet and along with the following tips we have gathered.


  • Make a habit of drinking 2 liters of water daily, because when you drink less your body retains the water already in it which shows of on the weighing scale. That is actually the water weight, so drink more.
  • Keep a calorie check and burn more than you have taken.
  • Do not sit or lay after your meals.
  • Keep your food with the low levels of sodium.
  • Use extra virgin olive oil instead of any other oil.
  • Break your meals into small snacks.
  • Do not take a heavy dinner.
  • Quit the sodas!
  • And lastly believe in yourself and stay motivated.

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