A bariatric bed refers to an extra-wide bed frame intended for home care use.

For years, this type of bed provides comfort to patients who wanted to be admitted in their homes. It provides the same level of comfort as a hospital bed. Due to its wide size, it can offer optimal support compared to conventional beds.

Bariatric beds are also ideal for heavyweight patients. The heavy-duty bed are made of strong and robust materials that can support their weight all the while providing maximum comfort when the patient is resting.

These are the following factors that you should consider when choosing the right bariatric bed to buy:

  • One should consider the height and weight of the patient. To ensure that it will comfortably suit the patient’s needs, it is always advisable to choose a mattress or bed that is longer than the user’s height.
  • The bariatric bed should be easy to clean. Choosing a mattress that comes with an anti-microbial cover is ideal. It provides convenience to both the patient and the private nurse when it comes to cleanup.
  • The longevity of use should be taken into consideration. Are you looking for a mattress that you will use for a long time due to chronic conditions? Or are you looking for a mattress that you can use comfortably while you recover from a surgery or injury? One cannot deny that mattresses designed for longer use are a bit costly compared to mattresses that are for temporary use only.
  • Consider the time that will be spent lying on the bed. One should opt for a mattress that will not cause any kind of skin allergies or bed sores in the long run.
  • It is crucial to teach both the patient and the private nurse how to make the most of the bariatric bed.

A bariatric bed is ideal for anyone recovering from a surgery, or a patient who needs home care quality when in treatment. Since these beds can reach up to 54 inches wide, it is more comfortable to use and can help speed up the recovery of the patient.

Today, we are going to take a look at the top best bariatric beds that are available in the market. it will help you to narrow down your options in choosing the right bariatric bed for you.

The Best Bariatric Beds – Comparison

Preview Product Details Price
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Medline Industries DYNC8552 Mega-Fracture Bariatric Bedpans, Graphite (Pack of 4) $31.80 Check Price
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Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Hospital Bed, Brown, 42″ $1,461.03
Check Price
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Full Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed with Foam Mattress and T-Rails Included – Extra Wide, Heavy Duty – 80” x 42”, 600 lb Weight Capacity – for Home Care and Medical Facilities $1,539.98
Check Price
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Alternating Pressure Bariatric Mattress for Hospital Beds with Pump – Low Air Loss, Quilted Nylon Cover – Extra Wide 80″ x 42″ x 10″ – Pressure Ulcer and Bed Sore Treatment – Comfort Zone by Medacure $1,198.98 Check Price
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Pressure Redistribution Bariatric Foam Hospital Bed Mattress – 3 Layered Visco Elastic Memory Foam – Extra Wide, 80″ x 42″ x 6″ – Hospital Grade Nylon Cover Included – by Medacure $329.00 Check Price
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LUCID L300 Bed Base 5 Minute Assembly Adjustable, Twin XL, Charcoal $449.99 Check Price
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Graham-Field 2940B Bariatric Trapeze, 450 lb. Weight Capacity $447.65
Check Price
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Drive Medical 15030HBL-3684 Bariatric Bedding in a Box, White $32.92 Check Price
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Invacare Bariatric Heavy-Duty Full Electric Bed – BAR600IVC with Bariatric Foam Mattress – BARMATT42 and Bariatric Half Rails (Pair) – BAR6640P $1,950.00
Check Price
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Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Hospital Bed, Brown, 48 $4,819.75
Check Price

Buying Guide

When choosing the best bariatric bed in the market, there are factors that you need to consider. The requirements of your patient are also important to ensure a high comfort level when using the bed.

  1. Height adjustment- the first thing that you need to consider is the safe working height adjustment of the bariatric bed. Some bariatric patients may have difficulty getting in and out of bed. Therefore, it is crucial that you can adjust the height of the bed without difficulty. A bed that is too high or too low for a patient can increase the risks of severe injuries.
  2. Weight capacity– choosing the best bariatric bed means choosing the one that can accommodate the weight of the patient. As much as possible, the bed should be tested first before it is bought. The patient, even if he or she is heavyweight, should feel utmost comfort when using the bariatric bed.
  3. Profiling capability- bariatric bed should be able to profile and adjust. You should be able to raise the back of the bed or adjust the legs to ensure that the patient is comfortable in any position. Most bariatric beds models have four-section profiling, allowing you the private nurse to execute different medical procedures in a hassle-free manner.
  4. Construction materials- the durability of the bariatric bed is determined by the materials used for its construction. The bed’s frame must be solid and stable. It should be made of heavy-duty materials. By knowing the construction materials, you can also discover if there is any weight limit for the use of the bed.
  5. Other features- some advanced bariatric beds have handy features that will allow the user to relax and rest properly. However, the more complex the bed is, the higher the price will be. Hence, you should make sure that you opt for a bariatric bed that will only suit the medical needs of the patient.

Additional Information

Bariatric patients are advised to use a bariatric bed so they can rest properly at night. If you are overweight and you use a standard bed, chances are, you experience breathing problems because of the height of the bed.

Some bariatric bed models can support patients up to 700 pounds, allowing the patient to be more comfortable in a roomier sleeping space.

Furthermore, bariatric beds are also used by private nurses who tend to their patients at home. This type of bed will allow them to do various medical procedures just by adjusting the bed into the desired position.

Bariatric Bed Frames

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AmazonBasics Foldable, 14″ Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool-Free Assembly, No Box Spring Needed – Full

  • Product dimensions: 75″ L x 54″ W x 14″ H | Weight: 41.4 pounds
  • Designed for sleepers up to 250 pounds
  • Full size platform bed frame offers a quiet, noise-free, supportive foundation for a mattress. No…

It refers to the wide frame that can support the bed and the weight of the bariatric patient.

Since this is a huge bed frame, one cannot find it in local furniture stores. The mattress to be used is also wide and can accommodate heavyweight patients. This bed frame features an easy-to-use pull pin system, allowing the private nurse to adjust the width of the bariatric bed frame and fold it when it needs to transport.

Thanks to its split design, one can transfer the frame from one place to another without difficulty. Most bed frames come with sturdy handrails that provide extra security to the patient.

Electric Bariatric Bed

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Invacare Bariatric Heavy-Duty Full Electric Bed – BAR600IVC with Bariatric Foam Mattress – BARMATT42 and Bariatric Half Rails (Pair) – BAR6640P

  • Bariatric Bed is a Heavy-duty frame design ensures added strength for client support; 17% larger…
  • Bed has Split-spring design with universal bed ends for ease in setup; No special tools necessary…
  • Pendant allows for dynamic client positioning; Quiet, smooth operation; Emergency crank manually…

This refers to the bariatric bed specially designed for patients who are suffering from limited mobility.

This model features a hand unit that you can control using electronics. The upper body of the bed, its height, and knees can be easily adjusted. It allows you to position the bed properly in accordance with the comfort of the patient. It also provides optimal comfort when resting or sleeping.

It has a pan deck design that provides strength to the frame while lowering the height of the bed. Its heavy steel plate also ensures ample security to the patient when adjusting the bed.

Check out this video that will help you to learn more about this electric bariatric bed and how to use it properly.

Bariatric Mattress

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Pressure Redistribution Bariatric Foam Hospital Bed Mattress – 3 Layered Visco Elastic Memory Foam – Extra Wide, 80″ x 42″ x 6″ – Hospital Grade Nylon Cover Included – by Medacure

  • SUPERIOR COMFORT – This pressure redistribution mattress is made with low-risk patient comfort and…
  • CONVOLUTED FOAM CUT: This provides patients with greater support and relief, while simultaneously…
  • THE PERFECT SIZE: These mattresses for hospital beds comes in five different sizes. Get a wider…

It refers to the special mattress that is designed for overweight patients. Unlike conventional mattresses, it is thicker, more durable, and more comfortable. It is also made of quality construction materials that can help in providing comfort to the patient while sleeping.

Most models come with static float and auto firm that helps to lower the risks of bedsores and ulcers. Compared to conventional mattresses that are made of innerspring, this bariatric mattress is made of innerspring. That only means it has a sturdier foundation and offers utmost comfort to the bariatric patient.

Some models may come with a waterproof exterior, making it ideal for an easy-to-clean process. It is a handy feature that can protect the mattress from fluids, especially if the patient is bed-ridden and has no control of their waste.

Bariatric Bed Sheets

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Mellanni Bed Sheet Set – Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bedding – Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant – 3 Piece (Twin XL, Blue Hydrangea)

  • Feel the Difference – Sleep better and wake up each morning feeling refreshed and full of energy….
  • Twin XL Size Luxury 3pc Bed Sheets Set – 1 flat sheet 66″x102″, 1 fitted sheet 39″x80″, 1 pillowcase…
  • Easy Care – Fade, stain, shrink and wrinkle resistant. Machine wash in cold. Dries quick on tumble…

Since you are going to use a large mattress, it is expected that you use large bariatric bed sheets too. However, you cannot simply buy bed sheets from your local department store because even king-sized bedsheets cannot fit a bariatric mattress.

Hence, it is essential to take a look at bariatric bed sheets. These bariatric bed sheets are also referred to as extended twin bed sheets.

When buying bariatric bed sheets, first, you need to measure the bariatric mattress. In that way, you can ensure that it will fit. As much as possible, choose a larger size of the mattress. You can no longer stretch the bed sheet if it falls short to the bariatric mattress you bought.

Secondhand Bariatric Beds

Used bariatric beds are also an ideal choice if you don’t have the budget to buy a brand-new bed. You should also consider it if you are only going to use the bariatric bed for a short time so you can save money in the long run.

However, it is crucial that you check the bariatric bed properly. It should still be functioning accordingly before you purchase it. There must be no major damages and the bed should be safe to use.

Check if you can still adjust the height of the bed, bend the knees, or lower the bed without difficulty. As much as possible, you should also look for bariatric beds that have hand railings, allowing you to ensure the safety of the patient inside. It helps to reduce the risks of falling.

If for instance, there are parts that you need to replace, make sure that you only purchase from the original bed’s manufacturer to ensure the quality of the materials.


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