Makeup Artist Uses Hijab To Transform Herself Into Disney Characters


Makeup is one of the most versatile and powerful tools that we can use to express our creativity and imagination.

Many talented artists have used striking colors and designs to transform parts of their bodies in awe-inspiring ways. One artist, for example, creates unbelievable watercolor paintings around her eyes, all inspired by the wonders of nature.

Below, we introduce Saraswati, a Malaysian makeup artist and lover of all things Disney and comics-related. She often shares her new creations with her 72,000 fans, portraying characters from Disney films, Marvel and DC comics, and popular films.

Since posting her transformations, she has gotten wonderful support from her followers, who applaud her on really featuring her hijab in a fun, positive way. Saraswati has welcomed the support, and she’s grateful to have inspired so many young women out there to experiment artistically with their own hijabs.

Scroll on to view Saraswati’s incredible creations, and let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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Saraswati is a talented makeup artist from Malaysia. Recently, she’s been gaining an incredible amount of followers, thanks to posting her creations on Instagram.

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