How to Fix Broken iPhone Back Glass and the Costs Involved

The damaged display is one of the most common iPhone repairs technicians handle daily.

When Apple released its latest model of the iPhone, everyone heralded it as another groundbreaking, sleek and stylish design. One highlight, in particular, is the smooth glass back that allowed for wire-free charging. However, this new iPhone glass came with an enormous downside; it shatters when you inevitably drop it.

The good news is that you can get your cracked iPhone back glass replaced quite quickly and cheaply. Keep reading to find out what you need to do when smashing your iPhone glass.

Repair it Yourself?

Apple is an expert at making replacements and repairs more and more difficult for the user to make themselves. They can make much more money from providing support and assistance when something goes wrong that you can not fix. So, should you even try and fix it yourself – no.

The main reason is it is dangerous. Broken iPhone glass is sharp and can give you a nasty cut if not removed safely and by a professional. If you break your phone, it is better to wrap it up and take it to a repair shop than try and remove any shards on your own.

Also, the iPhone glass is not just stuck to your phone but welded due to the charging nature of the device. The epoxy used to create the welds is extremely difficult to remove without the right conditions. Trying to remove the glass actually comes under tampering with the device and could invalidate your AppleCare plan, so best to just leave it alone.

Third-Party Repair Shops

This will be an expensive option. Third-party repairs work outside of the Apple framework, and while they may be able to fix your phone, they will charge you through the nose for it. As mentioned above, this is a detailed and challenging job, and nobody really wants to have to do it, so you will be charged.

Third parties also offer no guarantees that they will successfully repair the phone. So you may end up in a far worse situation and even more out of pocket.


If you have AppleCare+ and a reasonable new phone, a repair will cost you $99. Expensive but still a better offer than most third-party shops. If you are out of warranty, though, the prices could be much, much more. Charges could be anywhere between $350 and $600 depending on the make and model of your phone.

Of course, the final option (if the phone is still functioning) is that you could do nothing, buy yourself a sexy new phone like those you can buy at this link, and go on with your life without significant expense.

Can You Replace Your iPhone Glass For Cheap?

In reality, the only way to replace your iPhone glass cheaply is to invest in and keep your warranty with AppleCare+. If you let this lapse could result in an expensive repair bill. Either that or a costly reason to buy yourself a brand new phone.

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