15 Health Benefits Of Olive Oil You Never Knew

The most important issue while cooking and preparing meals is to determine what oil is supposed to be the healthiest of all as there are tons of health issues that are gearing up in this world and there’s no actual understanding regarding the true facts of what goes on and happens inside the body.

Olive oil has been consumed by mankind for centuries and even now in many modern day medicines olive oil is added in as an active ingredient of many skin and hair care products plus as a medicinal point of view you can even found olive content in a number of ointments.

Olive oil has quite a charm on the digestion rate and increasing the metabolic powers of an individual. It would be no wrong to label olive oil as one of the foods that burn fat.

It is what we can say the signature ingredient of almost all of East African, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine.

Amazing benefits of olive oil for hair make it an effective remedy. You can actually feel and then say that there is a distinctive taste about olive oil that makes it stand apart from the league of oils that are consumed orally.

The health benefits that are associated with the use of olive oil are innumerable and one can easily benefit a bundle of times simply with the addition of this simple product in the monthly grocery list.

15. Combats All Heart Related Problem

Heart is like the engine of the body that ensures that the rest of the body works well and has a proper functioning record. It isn’t that easy for a central organ to pick up almost all the burden of the body and even with minimal care it keeps on giving its best.

We as individuals often neglect the importance of a good and healthy heart. Extra virgin olive oil is considered as the best one for avoiding heart problems.

  • For those who really understand the essence of olive oil know what positive effects it has on the heart.
  • It is based on about 70% monounsaturated fats.
  • This is what enables the body to get rid of high levels of cholesterol from the body.
  • Lower levels of cholesterol means a happy heart and a healthy body.
  • The science of it all is not that difficult to understand after all. Lesser cholesterol greater flow of blood throughout the body.

14. Lowers The Blood Cholesterol

It is a definite knowledge by now that increased levels of bad cholesterol in the body trigger all kinds of health issues.

The major ones are cardiovascular diseases that directly affect the heart and once the heart has been affected there are major chances for other organs to get affected by it all.

Olive oil nutrition values makes it the best one for these problems.

  • Higher levels of LDL create fatty plaque in the arteries and this also elevates the risk of getting stroke and heart attack.
  • Olive oil promotes the levels of HDL which is good cholesterol and works towards lowering the levels of LDL.
  • Extra virgin olive oil which is one of the healthiest forms of olive oil to consume has over 40 antioxidants.
  • The work of these antioxidants is to reduce the levels of oxidation of the bad cholesterol.

13. Increments Weight Loss

People have been struggling to lose stomach fat fast for centuries. In fact a single individual who has a history of uncontrolled weight problems spends more than half of its life span struggling to reduce weight.

But one way or the other people have been failing to find a healthier alternative to lose weight. Extra virgin olive is knows as the best oil for weight loss. They have been following fad diets, going completely vegan and a lot more.

  • The key to losing weight quickly and effectively is to understand how your body digests the food.
  • Usually fat people have slower metabolic rates because of which more of the food turns to fat rather than providing the necessary energy.
  • The use olive oil in cooking oil is recommended because of the presence of monounsaturated fats which are known to have no drastic effect on the weight.

12. Delays The Process Of Aging

Now this is one benefit that all women will be glued to towards the end, yes it does have a positive effect on controlling the signs of aging.

It won’t actually reduce the numbers but using olive oil as a skin treating agent helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark aging spots and a lot more that indicates the visible sign of aging.

Amazing benefits of olive oil for skin make it an ideal choice for skin problems.

  • The anti-oxidants are the main source that actually slow down the harmful effect of aging that appears specifically on the skin.
  • Olive oil is effectively present in major hair growth care and skin care products including cosmetics.
  • Many herbal treatments and home remedies include olive oil as a major part of face and homemade hair mask.
  • Olive oil for your skin care will give a distinctive glow and shine on your skin that can never be compared to any chemical based product.

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11. Prevents Breast Cancer

Cancer has slowly become more of a lethal disease that crushes an individual’s emotions far more than it actually affects the body.

The ratio of people getting diagnosed with cancer is ever increasing and there doesn’t seem to be a root that links it all up to find out what are the main reasons to develop cancer, would it possible be connected with what we eat? Olive oil nutrition values make it an important choice against cancer.

  • Steroids when induced in the animal’s body in return become a part of our body and we end up suffering from diseases that crush the inside and out.
  • Olive oil is said to have a positive effect in controlling the harmful growth of cancerous cells.
  • The main beneficiary would be the colon as olive oil rich in fiber rubs off any toxins that come in it clearing up the bowel about 50% more than any other oil.

10. Reduces Changes Od Type 11 Diabetes

More people are now getting diagnosed by diabetes as there ever was.

Most of the times it is a hereditary trait that comes down to the rest of the generations and no matter what people do there are more than 80% chances that they would end getting diabetes. But this does not mean that people should end all kinds of care and treatments and give way to the problem.

Experts recommend extra virgin olive oil to reduce diabetes related problems.

  • We talked about the effect of olive oil towards a healthy heart and towards reducing the level of LDL from the blood.
  • We even discussed effects of olive oil on increased rate of metabolism; these are in fact all the factors that intuitively reduce the chances for an individual to pick up type 2 diabetes.

9. Protecting And Strengthening Of Bones

Women often suffer from extensive body pain especially when there are chances of accompanying menopause.

Now there’s quite a lot of med science in the topic but there is a guarantee that olive oil has a positive effect on the body in terms of reducing body aches that are caused due to weakening of the bones.

In fact, olive oil nutrition values make it very beneficial for bone problems.

  • Olive oil is comprised of the substance osteocalicn which by the name suggests is known to have positive effects on reducing muscle and bone related issues with age.
  • Osteocalcin is the protein that that sort of creates a protective shield on the outer part of the bones that prevents any kind of further damage.

8. Reduces Tension And Depression

There’s always an unhappy and unhealthy mind that really puts the mood and the body down.

Mental health problems also have severe harmful effects on the body as the mind too affects the organs in a serious way. The hormones used up by many organs are stimulated and released by the brain and any such hindrance on a larger scale can develop many serious health problems in a number of organs.

  • Hypertension is the common issue related with higher levels of blood pressure.
  • People who are researched to have been eating monounsaturated fats based foods were found to be less accumulated by the feelings of depression as compared to those who were involved in consuming trans fats.
  • Olive oil contains polyphenols that reduce the amount of oxidation based stress from the brain and also increases its analytical capabilities.

7. Reduces Ear Aches

It can be a nuisance to suffer from one of the most inappropriate of aches that one cannot even come to handle at all costs.

Sometimes the ache appears after some water has run down the ear while taking a shower and the rest of the times it is due to flu spreading its wings here and there or due to poor ear hygiene.

  • Olive oil can be used to get rid of almost all kinds of ear aches.
  • It helps soften hard wax based residue accumulated inside the e
  • The point is to lie down with affected ear facing up towards the ceiling. Add the olive oil cooked in water mixture with the help of a dropper and stay in that position for good 10-15 minutes.
  • Later on lean down on a sink with the affected ear to remove excess oil from the ear.
  • Again use a dropper full of water to clear out wax and excess oil from the ear and finish it off by air drying the ear.

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6. Maintaining A Healthy Liver

Our liver is another organ in our bodies that remains under constant. We don’t really care what we are doing wrong that has such harmful after effects because we do not care what we are consuming.

We just accommodate one good and that is the goodness of the tongue, the taste. Make sure to use extra virgin olive oil to counter these issues.

  • Our liver sadly has been working like an undying machine and remains under a heavy stress.
  • This stress is caused due to the oxidative actions of the free radicals present in the body.
  • Olive oil does one wonder and that is by its antioxidant richness that remarkably reduces the effects of harmful oxidation.
  • It reduces the risk of harming the hepatic tissue and helps the body maintain healthy and better functioning organs.

5. Get Rid Of Bad Breath

One can become an instant turn off for complete strangers if they approach them with a breath that burns down forests.

One of the basic necessities in personal hygiene is to take a closer smell of your own breath. If it stinks, than sadly you stink overall. Your conversations will become more and more socially awkward and you will tend to get more isolated.

  • To reduce the causes of bad breath, you simply have to consume a teaspoon of olive oil mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice on an empty stomach.
  • This spoonful of goodness fights any odor creating bacteria present on the tongue or inside the gut.

4. Inexpensive Makeup Remover

As much as us women have to take time to put on that amazing make up that makes you feel all glamorous and chic the post makeup syndrome is equally terrifying.

Mostly women don’t mind falling asleep with a face loaded with makeup but beauticians as well as skin specialists deem it as the worst that one can do to their skin.

The health benefits of olive oil for skin make it an automatic choice as a natural makeup remover.

  • Women use all kinds of cosmetic makeup removers but they are either hard on the pocket or are insufficient at what they do.
  • Olive oil is one inexpensive, cheaper and effective way to get rid of the hardest of cosmetics from the face.

3. Olive Oil Great For Massages

Women often suffer from sore muscles and back pain post delivery and this is a natural thing. Delivery is a huge responsibility and to go through it and come out of it in one piece is a huge achievement.

Women of the earlier times made it a religious ritual to go through massages on a daily basis.  You can also use olive oil for hair massage for amazing results.

  • Massages actually relax the stiffness that is ever present in the muscles and relaxes the mind and lifts the emotions.
  • Women are recommended to get body massages both pre and post birth because this helps relax the tightened and affected muscles.
  • Olive oil is rich source of anti-inflammatory properties that reduces any signs of inflammation present within the muscles.

2. Great Hair Conditioner

Women are always fed up of getting rid of frizz from their hair and for those who are on the curlier side of the scale get a hard time taming their hair in a hairstyle or even in a pony tail.

Many hair issues are often related to frizz and hair cuticles getting severely damaged due to many chemicals that women use and even air drying at high heat. Try these simple ways to see the amazing results of olive oil for hair.

  • Olive oil is one agent that is like a jack of all trades and here too is effective enough to condition the hair and help get rid of unnecessary frizz that is what makes your hair grow longer.
  • The most effective remedy is to give your scalp a good hot olive oil massage that not only nourishes the scalp but also repairs the damaged cuticles.

1. Look After The Hand And Feet

Our hand and feet are the most neglected parts of our body.

Women spend hours in front of the mirror fixing up their makeup but they don’t really take out time to give their feet that most wanted dip in some warm water to loosen up their feet muscles and get rid of any hard dead skin that has been developed over time.

Mostly people notice the feet far before they even notice your eye liner. Using olive oil for skin problems is highly recommended from experts.

  • Just like giving the rest of the body a good massage, make it a religious bed time practice to massage a small amount of olive oil both on your hands and on the feet.
  • This not only softens the skin but also reduces the signs of aging from both.

Things To Remember

  • It is always suggested to control the intake of oil, be it olive oil.
  • Control the heat while warming up olive oil as it tends to push it towards the acidic side.
  • Pregnant women are suggested to check up on their intake of olive oil and olives both while pregnant.
  • Do not actually rub any kind of olive oil on wounds before getting a doctor’s consultation.
  • It is suggested to store olive oil in a place away from direct sunlight and heat.

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