What Are The Chances Of Getting Pregnant from Precum

There are so many situations where we doubt pregnancy and this is yet another pregnancy confusion. Many people will have unprotected sex because they think coming in contact with precum is harmless. It cannot make you pregnant but can it? Are there chances of pregnancy if penetration doesn’t take place at all?

Can You Get Pregnant With Precum?

Let’s begin with what precum actually is? It is a pre-ejaculation that is released from penis during intercourse and men have no control over it. It is a sticky fluid that is released when the male is aroused and before reaching orgasm. It is not thick like the regular cum. It used to be believed that precum does contain sperms but contemporary studies show that it contains no sperms or dead sperms. However, some amount of sperm can enter precum or pre-ejaculate and actually get you pregnant though the chances are really less.

This means Precum can result in a pregnancy even if the male hasn’t ejaculated inside the woman. Withdrawing can reduce the risk of pregnancy but chances of pregnancy still remain because of precum.

The thing is that opening through which cum flows is the same opening through which precum flows. This means that precum can pick up on left over sperm while moving towards urethra. This can result in pregnancy.

The pre-ejaculation aids in minimizing the acidity in the vagina. This in turn helps the sperms to survive for a longer time as they travel inside the vagina towards the egg. Acidic environment kills sperms and precum reduces this acidity.

Getting Pregnant from Precum

Chances Of Getting Pregnant from Precum

The amount of sperm in precum fluid is certainly very low and when you compare it with the cum, it is really low. However, that doesn’t bring the chances of pregnancy down to zero.

Do you know how much sperm is found in a normal cum? A normal ejaculation contains 100 million sperms per one milliliter of fluid. The sperm getting into vagina are 10 million because many are not able to pass through the cervical mucus. Moreover, the uterine tract deducts some sperms leaving 1 million sperms. In the end, there are about 100,000 sperms that swim towards the fallopian tube where the egg is located. On the other hand, precum just contains 3 million sperms which make the chances of pregnancy low but not zero.

According to a study, precum of 27 men were tested for sperms. 40% contained sperm in their precum. This shows that the chances of pregnancy may be low but it doesn’t indicate that there will be no pregnancy at all.

In case you are utilizing the pull out method, make sure the cum does not touch the vagina at all. So many people out there think that if the cum is on the outside of the body, there are no chances of pregnancy. this is not completely true because if even a little drip of cum is found near the vagina, it can easily travel inside the vagina making you pregnant. Make sure you do not ejaculate right outside the vagina. Minute amount of cum consists of sperms that are sufficient to make a woman pregnant. Birth control pills and condoms are a better solution.

Can You Get Pregnant Without Penetration?

This is a question that mostly bugs teenagers who like to get intimate but avoid pregnancy. Practically speaking, you CANNOT get pregnant without penetration but there are exceptions. Conception can happen if the semen gets in touch with the vaginal canal.

Conception can occur even without penetrations if ejaculation takes place near the vaginal canal. The chances are low but it is possible to get pregnant anyways.

Can dry humping or grinding cause pregnancy?

Grinding or dry humping is a getting intimate without penetration. They are sex motions without penetration. It is possible but highly unlikely to get pregnant because the precum consists of very little sperm. There is barely any chance of pregnancy with clothed partners.

For conception to occur, the sperms need to come in contact with the vaginal canal. Pregnancy requires a drop of precum coming in touch with the vagina and travelling through the cervical mucus and into fallopian tubes. Grinding or dry humping is external and barely any chances of semen passing through your clothes and into the vaginal canal. The probability of pregnancy is really low yet POSSIBLE. Depending on the situation it can be possible.

Can STD get transferred through Precum?

Many people believe that precum is actually safe and STDs don’t get transferred. Well, here is a myth buster for you.

According to studies, most of the precum samples have HIV in them. This means precum easily carries STD. Sometimes precum remains unnoticed when it is released from the body. Men cannot make out when precum escapes their body.

What are the effective methods to prevent pregnancy from precum?

If you want to be sure that you don’t leave out any chances of pregnancy through precum, you need to adopt other kinds of contraceptive than simply the withdrawing method. Some of the most commonly utilized contraceptives are:

  • Birth control pills: this one is an extremely effective method for women as it offer 91% to 99% protection. However, facts and figures indicate that one out of twelve women can get pregnant even after using birth control pills.
  • Condoms: This one is the best method adopted by men to keep STDs and pregnancy at bay. It doesn’t let semen to enter the vagina. There are only 0.02% chances of pregnancy.

A combination of contraceptives is the best way to ensure zero percent risk. Generally, a mix of birth control and condom is used to prevent any unwanted pregnancy.

Male sterilization is a great way to prevent pregnancy. Females can get their tubes tied which is a 99.9% effective method. However, normally people don’t do this. Then there are contraceptive implants which require surgery. Such implants may be effective but are extremely expensive and have many side effects.

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