24 Best Foods that Lower Blood Pressure

The rapidly changing lifestyle has made every one of us a lethargic person. Technically, the majority of the population is now a days a couch potato. Consequently, obesity has been on a rise and all the problems that accompany it, specifically high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Our new diets are to blame. Fast foods have ruined the concept of hygiene and a healthy diet. Thus, in the world we live in, it is essential to keep a check of one’s blood pressure, and medical fitness. You must be ready to react to any minor changes, and more importantly, you must avoid having to face blood pressure related issues.

The best foods that lower blood pressure, mentioned below, will go a long way to face this menace and avoid its repercussions.

1. Skim Milk

Milk takes the lead whenever it comes to the best foods that lower blood pressure.

How hard can it be?

A glass of skim milk daily is a must for everyone. High blood pressure or not you must make it a habit for yourself. Skim milk is low in fat, but has high calcium and vitamin D which are essential nutrients for circulatory system health. Besides, according to researches, the two components together bring about a 15 percent decrease in chances of heart diseases.

Of all dairy products, milk is the most essential for people suffering from hyperventilation. You could get your supply from the local grocery store and it won’t put much of a pressure on your spending.

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2. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which is also the source of sunflower oil. The seeds are packed with magnesium, another mineral nutrient which has been proven to directly decrease blood pressure in individuals under research. Sunflower seeds make a light snack. Perhaps you should keep a jar at your workplace. The right amount is a quarter cup each day. You could also consume the seeds with all sorts of salads and soup.

3. Beans

Beans are full of dietary fibers of soluble type in addition to reasonable concentrations of magnesium and potassium. They not only help you maintain gut health, but also decrease blood pressure. That’s the common feature of all the different beans, they also have individual nutrients you will be hard pressed to find in other diet sources; so you should not stick to only one type, but try a variety of beans. Beans are relatively inexpensive. They also make a great component of soups and salads alike.

4. Spinach

Spinach, along with broccoli is one of the least favorite foods of the populace but one of the best foods that lower blood pressure. However, the fact is that spinach is absolutely vital if you are suffering from hyperventilation. It has potassium folate and magnesium ions to account for the nutritive properties. If you are not a fan of this green, you could add a leaf to your burger to drown the flavor, or add it to any kind of fresh salad. Spinach is inexpensive and can be acquired from your grocery store.

“Diet plays an important role in controlling blood pressure. Make a diet plan and abide by it. To make it easy, make a food diary with all the foods you eat. Do your math daily, to know whether your diet is healthy or not. Refrain from using table salt because the sodium therein is responsible for high blood pressures.”

5. White Potatoes

All varieties of potatoes are essentially nutritive, but white potatoes are some of the best foods for health. White potatoes are significant sources of potassium and magnesium. Both of these nutrients prevent sodium retention and reduce blood pressure as a direct consequence. White potatoes should find a place in your diet, be it breakfast or some other time, you should try to consume one potato daily. Bake it, boil it but don’t fry it.

6. Banana

Banana is essentially a tropical fruit, but is now a days grown everywhere. No matter where you live, bananas are likely to be the cheapest and easiest to acquire fruit around you. Try to purchase them fresh if not, no big deal any way. It is a food that lower blood pressure you won’t have any trouble getting accustomed to. The best diet plan should include one banana each day or more if you don’t have most of the foods mentioned on your plan. Besides, bananas are the favorite food for exercise routines and sports.

7. Soy Beans

Soy beans are absolutely adorable when it comes to a balanced source of mineral nutrients. Fresh soy beans are absolutely stunning sources of vitamins, essential amino acids and mineral ions particularly magnesium and potassium while they are low on sodium. This means you must have a diet of soy beans every few days. Add it to rice, or eat them raw, you find them an enjoyable snack. When it comes to best foods that lower blood pressure, soybeans should be one of your best bets. Boiling has negligible effect but overcooking soy beans normally takes away most of the nutritive virtues. Raw should be your top priority.

8. Chocolate

Obviously, you are happy to see this particular item amidst a list of greens. Chocolate comes from cocoa seeds, which happen to be packed really high with magnesium. That means a square of chocolate each day should be great for you. On the downside, although it is one of the best foods for health, it is also unusually high in calories. That means you run the risk of overdoing it. Think it over carefully and regulate your intake with precision. Make a food diary to cope with it if you must, but don’t make a fool out of yourself.

9. White Beans

White beans are good sources of calcium, magnesium and potassium alike, which you can consume in side dishes, soups and salads. Besides, White beans are vital sources of proteins. They are low on fat and what carbohydrates they contain come as soluble dietary fibers. This means that this particular food works in many ways to keep you healthy. It meets your body’s needs for a lot of nutrients. Avoid salt to improve the flavor. Since, if there is one thing you should be avoiding, its sodium, and the common table salt.

10. Fat Free Plain Yogurt

When it comes to best foods that lower blood pressure, fat-free plain yogurt is one of the favorites. Experts recommend it to patients suffering from hypertension, high cholesterol or other related problems. Obviously, it is low on fat, it is also low on cholesterol, but high in proteins and mineral ions.

It is a vital source of the main three ions that are used to classify foods for patients of hypertension. You could find a million ways to adjust yogurt in your diet. Not only does it make one of the most popular breakfasts, it can be used to make a ton of different foods and salads.

11. Kiwi

Kiwi is absolutely essential for anyone who is either over weight, having high blood cholesterol or high blood pressure. Kiwi remedies them all because of its dietary components. The good thing about kiwis is that they can be acquired all year round.

A single kiwi fruit provides you with a significant amount of your daily requirement of mineral ions and salts. The only downside is that kiwis are rare. You might not find them in the local store, and the taste is a bit difficult to get accustomed to. But once, you have acquired the habit and the supply, you will absolutely love the fruit.

12. Peaches

Peaches contain some rare dietary ions which not only reduce blood pressure in the long-term, but show immediate changes. Peaches are therefore the kind of foods that lower blood pressure that cannot be replaced by any other food item. They are unique and individual in their action.

According to researches, significant drop in blood pressure has been recorded a few hours after consuming a peach. You can also make the world famous peach juice for a change of moods. Fresh is best, but frozen unsweetened slices also work as good alternatives.

13. Kale

Kale is a popular salad, but is also cooked as a vegetable. It falls under the category of superfoods because of the high concentration of alpha-linoleic acid and cell oxidants along with the trio of dietary ions. Try to pick the thin fresh leaves from the tips, since the stalks are high in fiber but other nutrients are less dominant. The leaves help cool inflammation which is another upside for you. The particular components in kale reduce the viscosity of the blood which decreases the blood pressure. As a quick response.

14. Red Bell Pepper

Red bell paper is simply an alternative of capsicums. It is rich in potassium and also has reasonable amounts of magnesium and calcium. Capsicums and red bell pepper work as good seasoning options in the absence of table salt. It’s likely you won’t find red bell peppers all year around so you can store them by freezing, wrapped in paper. Frozen can be used in cooked dishes, but there is a negligible change in the flavor and the dietary nutrients. It is one of the best foods that lower blood pressure as recommended by experts around the globe.

“Begin a cardio routine, Jog a few miles daily, and keep a constant eye on your heart rate and blood pressure. Take monthly tests for blood cholesterol. Do your research well to ensure a healthy life for you.”

15. Broccoli

Most people like to mimic a grimace at the sound of broccoli, which is obviously the least favorite food item the world around. However, it is one of the best foods that lower blood pressure. It is a wonder green which will supply you with great amounts of potassium and magnesium.

In addition, broccoli also has phytonutrients which are positively cancer fighting. Broccoli can be used in side dishes as well if you don’t appreciate the taste of cooked broccoli. You can cook any side dish in less than 30 minutes.

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16. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are the next best thing after white potatoes in the family when it comes to food that lower blood pressure. Besides, due to the carbohydrate rich nature of potatoes, you can make them a complete diet. Two potatoes ought to make a healthy meal filled with calcium and magnesium. For a change of taste, you can also use potatoes in smoothies and desserts. A point to notice; eating the potato along with the peel greatly increase your consumption of potassium than without the peel.

17. Avocado

Avocado is one of the best foods that lower blood pressure because of the high concentration of potassium which is hard to get by in other food items. Moreover, the green part of fruit underneath the peel is packed with carotenoids which are disease fighting compounds. You could eat avocadoes with other fruit in the form of a fruit cocktail. Eat half an avocado daily, and peel it carefully, not to lose the green flesh along with the skin.

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18. Quinoa

Quinoa is a rarity among most families, but it should be consumed in greater amounts. It has an impressive concentration of magnesium coupled with phytonutrients and a nutty flavor which makes it a nice snack. You can also cook it; which is easy and quick: a few minutes can get you a cooked bowl of quinoa. It is gluten free.

Roasted quinoa seeds are also available which are favorite among Asian families. If you are looking for best foods the lower blood pressure, you can put your faith in the quinoa for one.

19. Berries

Of course, it would be unfair to leave berries out of this list of foods that lower blood pressure. Blueberries in particular help to reduce hypertension. This means a decreased blood pressure in the long term.

A few berries everyday ought to keep you on track, and they are absolutely no resistible. Who doesn’t welcome the prospect the idea of a snack of blueberries and strawberries anytime. They make a smart addition to your daily cereal bowl as well. Try alternating you consumption of berries and keep more than one type in your fridge and on your food diary.

20. Beets

Beet juice has been shown to reduce blood pressure of test subjects after 4 hours of consumption. This means beet juice is one of the best remedies for hypertension. Which implies that it will decrease blood pressure in the long term.

Alternatively, you could roast them, or slice them in thin sheets for an entry to your usual salad. But the beet juice shows the quickest response among researches. Funny as it sounds, cut out beets leave really adamant stains on clothes, so be careful while using them.

21. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the favorite cereal choices the world around and makes for a delicious as well as nutritious breakfast. Try to keep yourself from adding too much sugar to your bowl of oatmeal. Use berries for flavoring.

Honey is another possible option to improve the rather bland taste of oatmeal. You can get yourself a box of oat meal from your grocery in any flavor you like.

22. Flaxseed

Flaxseed is one of the best foods that lower blood pressure, due to alpha linoleic acid, lignans and peptides all three of which can be acquired from flaxseed. Experts rely on flaxseed because of the simple fact, that changes in blood pressure among individuals have been recorded in a period of six months in extensive researches.

Flaxseed are crunchy and make for a favorite choice for midday snacks. You can add some to your salad as well, or you keep a jar at your workplace for snacks.

23. Raisins

Studies have found raisins to be the wonder food for people suffering from heart r elated diseases. It is also beneficial for borderline hypertension i.e. among people whose blood pressure is on the increase and who have periods of shooting blood pressure.

Raisins are responsible due to the potassium content in this particular diet. Tannins and antioxidants may also be responsible for this particular effect.

24. Pistachios

Pistachios are a favorite snack for many. Everyone loves a handful of pistachios anytime of the day. It reduces cholesterol in blood, and decreases its viscosity. Thus it helps reduce blood pressure. It is due to this fact that pistachios are one of the best foods that lower blood pressure recommended by diet experts.

Pistachios are also known to cause constriction of peripheral blood vessels. This has the effect of temporarily controlling blood pressure.


This is a simple list of the foods that can help you reduce your blood pressure. However, a balanced diet cannot work single-handedly. You need to make your lifestyle a bit more active. Try to pick the foods that suit you the best from this list of best foods that lower blood pressure. Another smart choice would be to find a dieting partner to make the struggle more manageable.

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