400+ Cute & Romantic Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

We all have a nick name that our loved ones love calling us with. We hate it at times and it makes us feel good too. It is a good idea to call your girlfriend, boyfriend or close friend with a nick name. Most of the time nick names come from the real name but if the person happens to be your girlfriend, you can call her using a more romantic or cute nick name. Remember, your girlfriend can also be offended by some nick names.

List of Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

We have gathered 400 nick names to call your girlfriend and there is small description too. Make sure you call her something that makes her feel good and confident rather than bad and offended. Here are 400 cute names to call your girlfriend.

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Pet names to Call Your Girlfriend

  1. Shot Glass– This is nice name for a girl that drives you mad.
  2. Babes- The most common pet name guys use to make girls feel great about their looks.
  3. Sweetie- a very common pet name that is also used by married couples and has zero chance of hurting her feelings.
  4. Hotness– This is an amazing pet name for a girl who sparks up your life in a good way.
  5. Sweet Muffin- for a girl who is sweet and lights up your world.
  6. Daisy –this is a wonderful pet name for a girl who is delicate an elegant.
  7. Cuddle Bunny– this is a cool pet name for a cute and cuddly girl.
  8. Sweetie pie- This cute nick name is for an extremely charming lady who is sweet as a pie.
  9. Sharebear– A nice pet name for a girl who loves to share.
  10. Love Face– a good pet name for a gorgeous girl.
  11. Bright Eyes–a cute pet name for girls full of spirit.
  12. Peaches- Peaches sounds sweet and is actually meant for a sweet lady.
  13. Lucky- If your girlfriend brings you luck, why not call her lucky!
  14. Oreo- If you love Oreos and mostly people do, calling her Oreos will make her feel good.
  15. Skippy– this is a cute pet name for a girl who is very forgetful.

    Foody names to Call Your Girlfriend

  16. Candy− A cute pet name for a sweet and smart girl.
  17. Sweetie Pie Facecake– she is an assertive girl who knows how to get what she wants.
  18. Butter Scotch– cute nickname for a girl who is really sweet.
  19. Cakes– Cakes are sweet and if your girl is too, then this could be a nice name to call her.
  20. Sugar Plum– if you love her immensely, this is surely for her.
  21. Butter Cup– This works well with a girl who extremely dear to you.
  22. Sugar– This is for a girl who is sweet like sugar and loving.
  23. Bunbuns– For a girl who is sweet and you would love to squeeze, hug and kiss.
  24. Cherry– This is best for a girl with a soft heart and possesses irresistible charm.
  25. Sweet Pea−  a girl who is innocent, naïve and child-like.
  26. Cookie– Perfect for a crispy and crunchy girl.
  27. Cream– If your girl is sweet and sexy, this nickname is exactly for her.
  28. Cuddle Cakes– If you girlfriend is sweet and cuddly, you should definitely use this one.
  29. Eyecandy −For the love of your life and a good way to tell what she means to you.
  30. Cuddle Muffin– This is meant for a stunning and attract girl. Great nickname for your romantic baby.
  31. Sugar Mama– Sugar mama is a girl who is like your mother. She helps you out in everything.
  32. Cupcake– If you want to tell your girl she is too sweet, this is it.
  33. Butter Babe– a sweet nick name for a girl with a kind, affectionate and soft heart.
  34. Cute Pie– This one shows her how affectionate and sweet she is just like a pie.
  35. Donut –A cute name to call your sweet baby.
  36. Egghead –A hilarious nick name but make sure she doesn’t take it the other way and get offended.
  37. Fruit Loop –it is a fun name but yet another one that can offend her.
  38. Sugar Muffin– She is a combination of being sweet and makes you feel comfortable at the same time.
  39. Fruit Cake –Fruit cake is juicy and sweet. If that is how you find your girlfriend, it can be a good name.
  40. Gum Drop– if your girl is quiet an athletic one, this one serves well.
  41. Sugar Smacks– if a girl makes you want to kiss her, then she is surely a sugar smack.
  42. Honey Bun– This is for a cute, sweet and cuddly girl and there are no chances of getting her offended.
  43. Sweetkins– a person who doesn’t rely on anyone and is beautiful and adorable.
  44. Honey Bunches of Oats– For a girl who is not just adorable but supports you in everything.
  45. Jelly Bean– nick name for a girl who has spread magic in your life.
  46. Hunny Pot– Another derivative of honey which is for a girl who is beautiful and sweet like honey.
  47. Kit Kat– who doesn’t like kit kat. Call her kit kat if you are a kit kat lover. She will love it.
  48. Lemon– Although lemon is sour but calling some lemon is like calling them beloved or sweet heart.
  49. Love Muffin– If you feel comfortable with your girl whom you adore, then this is it.
  50. Marshmallow– This is for a girl with a really soft, kind and affectionate heart. She feels for everyone.
  51. Muffinhead– She may not light up the entire place but she has a loving heart.
  52. Muffin– Muffin is like calling your girl ‘sugar’. It is definitely a very cute nick name.
  53. Munchie– This is for a girl who is a foodie and loves eating different kinds of food.
  54. Pancakes– Pancake is a name for a girl who makes you feel happy and comfortable.
  55. Yummy– She makes you want to eat her because she is delicious.
  56. Peach– If your girl is cute and delightful, this cute nick name is just for her.
  57. Sugar Pie– if she makes you feel like eating her, then try this one.
  58. Pickle Pie– For a girl who is sour, spicy and sweet at the same time. This girl is exciting and adventurous.
  59. Cheese Ball– This is a funny and cute name to call your girl with.
  60. Cinnamon– if your girlfriend is sweet and spicy, this one is perfect for her.
  61. Picklehead− a girl who is intoxicates and takes you by surprise all the time.
  62. Pineapple Chunk– A girl who is a combination of both sweet and sour. She is exotic and beautiful.
  63. Pop Tart− someone who is yummy, assertive and bold is a pop tart.
  64. Sweet Potato– a girl who is tan, sexy and attractive.
  65. Pudding Pop– Do you consider her a treat for yourself, then call her Pudding Pop. She at least cant take any offense on this one.
  66. Pumpkin– An attractive lady with a soft heart but super strong on the outside.
  67. Rum-rum– Rum-rum is a girl who intoxicates you, excites you and is simply out of the world.
  68. Shoogie Woogie– This is yet another derivative of sugar. It is a good alternative for ‘sweet heart’ or ‘sugar’.
  69. Soda Pop– if a girl is friendly, exciting and likes surprising you, then this is it.
  70. Sugah Boogah– ‘sugar’ and ‘sweet heart’ are old now. You can use this one for a change.
  71. Peanut– For a lady of your life who looks crunchy and tastes yummy along with having a strong personality that is hard to break.
  72. Peachy Pie– Soft at heart, classy, beautiful and sexy.
  73. Sugar Puff– This is yet another phrase for ‘sweet heart’ or ‘sugar’.
  74. Honey Buns– This is for a girl who has an exceptionally friendly personality. sweet nickname for a sexy girl.
  75. Sweet Pear– a girl with irresistible charm and very attractive.
  76. Honey Cakes– This comes from honey which means your girl should be sweet for this name.
  77. Soda Pop– a woman who really popular among her social lot.
  78. Sweets– Sweets is sweet, innocent and attractive.
  79. Peaches n’ Creme− this is sweet and sexy combined with cute and delightful kind of girl.
  80. Sugams– This is a combination of ‘sugar’ and ‘gum’. It is for a girl who is really sweet and hot at the same time.

    Cute names to Call Your Girlfriend

  81. Angel Face– whenever you look at her face, she makes you feel happy and at peace.
  82. Ever Girl – Cute nickname for a girl who is always there for you and never leaves your side.
  83. Sweetheart- this is used for a girl or guy who is close to your heart.
  84. Dear- Calling your girl ‘dear’ displays your compassion and care towards her.
  85. Beloved- This is one antique name and can create a fun environment when you call your girl who means a world to you.
  86. Hon’ Bun- This is a cute nickname for your sweet girlfriend.
  87. My Queen- This nick name will make your girlfriend fly and feel you respect and love her the way she is.
  88. Aşkım– “Ash-Kim.” This is Turkish for ‘my love’.
  89. Gangsta Baby- for a girl who is bold, brave, confident and fearless.
  90. Ace– For a girl who means everything to you… your only one.
  91. Angel– every woman loves being called an angel.
  92. Apple of My Eye– a cute nick name for a girl who means everything to you.
  93. Babe– Means the same thing as baby but is a sexier way of saying it.
  94. Babochka– Babochka is butterfly in Russian language and is a cute name for your girl.
  95. Charming– like the name suggests it is meant for a girl you find charming and attractive.
  96. Chipmunk– For a girl who cannot sit in one place for a long time.
  97. Babylicious– if your girl is hot and delicious, then this is the right one to call her.
  98. Better half- basically for your wife but you can also call your girlfriend better half if you intend to marry her.
  99. Bitsy– is your girl short in height? This one is a cute one but she can take offence.
  100. Bella– In case you don’t know, Bella is beautiful in Spanish. It goes well with your beautiful girl.
  101. Bon bons– This one is a naughty nick name to call a girl you find really sexy.
  102. Boo– Boo is a cute way of saying ‘beautiful’ and girls find being called really cute and sweet.
  103. Bubby– sick of calling your girlfriend ‘baby’? Bubby is a cute alternative.
  104. Captain– This is for your girl with leadership qualities like being assertive and bold.
  105. Champ– She has won your heart which means she is definitely a champion.
  106. Kitty– a lovable girl who is sweet and cute like kittens.
  107. Cinderella– a lady so beautiful that she seems she just came out of a fairy tale.
  108. Gigi− Gigi is a nickname of Queen Elizabeth I and it means pure.
  109. Cowgirl– Cow girl is perfect nickname for a girl your find really hot.
  110. Dearest –an excellent way of reminding her how much she means to you.
  111. Angel Heart– Someone who has a beautiful heart.
  112. Dearie –This is a cute way saying ‘my dear’.
  113. Boo Bear– for a girl who is a perfect combination of being beautiful and cuddly.
  114. Brown eyes– does she have attractive hazel brown eyes you are in love with?
  115. Cute Pie– shower her with your love and care by calling her Cutie Pie.
  116. Cupid– This is meant for a girl who shot the arrow of love right into your heart.
  117. My One and only– this one is meant for your life partner with whom you want to spend the rest of your life.
  118. Cuddly-Wuddly– this is a really cute name to call your girlfriend you can live without hugging and squeezing.
  119. Cuddles– such a sweet nick name to call your girl with.
  120. Cuddle Buddy– is she your cuddle buddy? Then call her cuddle buddy.
  121. Dream Girl –a good name if your girl is your crush or maybe a girl you always dreamt about but never met in reality.
  122. Dork – it means she is scared and calling her that can make her take risk or even offend her. So be careful on this one.
  123. Doll Face – For a girl with an attractive and beautiful face.
  124. Luv– This yet another variant of ‘love’and is for a girl you are close to and value.
  125. Diamond –if she your most precious and valuable possession, she is surely your diamond.
  126. Gem –For a girl who is precious to you just like gem.
  127. Doll – if your girl is so beautiful that she looks like a doll, this is a perfect nickname.
  128. Gillette– Gillette basically means young and youthful.
  129. Angel Eyes– this nickname praises her eyes and is probably going to flatter her.
  130. Goldie– it comes from a golden woman which means a beautiful and sensuous woman.
  131. Jewel– for a girl who is valuable and precious to you.
  132. Button– is your girl cute, slim and short?
  133. Joy– this is for a girl who makes you laugh and brings you happiness.
  134. Kiddo− a girl who seems young, innocent and beautiful.
  135. Kissy Face– if she has a face that makes you want to kiss her.
  136. Baby– if love and care is all you feel like giving her, call her baby.
  137. Kitten– this is perfect for your sly and sexy lady who is sensuous and attractive.
  138. My Dear– This cute nick name for girls never get old.
  139. Kiya – this is a nice nick name for your one true love.
  140. Goofy– if she is young, bright and chirpy, then this one is for her.
  141. Gorgeous– for person who turn tons of heads everyday with her stunning beauty.
  142. Lala– it means hot but in a fun and loving way.
  143. Bunny– Bunny is for a girl you find cute and cuddly.
  144. Dearest one –a good nick name to tell her how close to your heart she is.
  145. Butterfly– This is a playful name for the lady you love and find adorable.
  146. Baby Boo– this is a perfect name to call her with if you have just started your relationship.
  147. Lil Dove– if your girl has an affectionate nature and is sweet, lil dove which is short of ‘little dove’ is for her.
  148. Little Lady− a girl who is beautiful and petite.
  149. Muffy–this is a cute way of saying Muffin which means sweet.
  150. Muggles– This comes from the Harry Potter and basically means innocent or simple at heart or mind.
  151. Babes– if your girlfriend is your best friend, this is a great name to call her with.
  152. Munchkin– this is for a girl who is very close to your heart.
  153. Slick Chick– This is for a girl who is independent and knows how to take care of herself.
  154. Munchie– For a girl who is a food lover.
  155. Baby Bugaboo– Is your girlfriend really possessive about you? Yes, then this is for her.
  156. Muppet− this one basically comes from the Muppet show.
  157. My All– This is for a girl who is your everything and means the most to you.
  158. Queenie– a cute way of saying ‘my queen’ who rules your heart with complete royalty and majesty.
  159. Cutie Patootie–a girl who is irresistibly adorable and cute.
  160. Darling –this one is sweet nick name and never gets old.
  161. Hero– if your girl saves you from trouble, solves your problems and is trustworthy, she is your hero.
  162. Hon’– this one comes from ‘honey’ and is meant for a girl who pure and sweet as honey.
  163. Gum Drop– This one is for an attractive and athletic girl who makes you want to eat her.
  164. Casanova– Girls who are playful and like messing around.
  165. Happiness− if a girl brings you bliss and joy no matter where you are, she is certainly happiness.
  166. Lucky Charm– Has your girl brought you a lot of good luck ever since she came into your life?
  167. My King– Sounds weird for a girl but is for someone who rules your heart.
  168. Baby Angel– Great nickname for a sweet and charming girl.
  169. Giggles –does your girl smile or giggle a lot?
  170. Lovie–This one comes from the word ‘love’ and is for a girl who is truly loved by you.
  171. Melody– Does your girl make your heart sing and turns everything beautiful and colorful in your dark life?
  172. Meow– This is for a girl who is drop dead sexy.
  173. Blossom– This is a sweet and cute nickname for a girl who makes you feel alive.
  174. Blue Eyes– does your girl have deep blue eyes? Calling her blue eyes is a good way of praising her eyes too.
  175. Magic– This is for a girl who changes everything to just beautiful in your life.
  176. Mi Amor– This is yet another way of saying ‘my love’.
  177. Simba– if you have seen lion king, simba basically means lion who rules the jungle but in case of a girl it means she rules your heart.
  178. Sleeping Beauty– For a girl who is elegant, delicate and too beautiful to be true.
  179. Barbie– this is a nice nick name for a girl who is as pretty as a Barbie.
  180. Beautiful– A nick name you can use to flirt with girls and even call your girlfriend if you find her really beautiful.
  181. Better Half– Although this one is
  182. Slicky– this is a for a sharp and clever girl who knows it all.
  183. Smiley– This is for a girl who smiles very often and changes the environment to a really pleasant one.
  184. Pearl– a girl who is beautiful, valuable, precious and mysterious.
  185. Snuggles– For a girl you love snuggling with.
  186. Baby Bear– she is cute, cuddly and caring just like a baby bear.
  187. Pebbles– This one comes from “The Flintstones” and is for a girl you love.
  188. Petal– a girl who is delicate, soft at heart and fills your life with beautiful colors.
  189. My World– Does your girl mean the whole world to you?
  190. Num Nums– This comes from sweety pie or munchkin; a girl so sweet that you want to eat her.
  191. Baby Doll– She is so adorable, stunning and attractive that you cannot think of living without her.
  192. Other Half– if she makes you feel complete, calling her other half is something sweet.
  193. Cutie– This is for a girl your find really cute and has no chances of offence.
  194. Pandabear– a girl with a free soul, attractive, huggable and makes you feel comfortable.
  195. My Boo– this comes from Beau in French which means beautiful.
  196. Paradise– this is for your girl has made your life feel like heaven and is nothing short of perfect to you.
  197. Snappy– this is for a short tempered girl but make sure you don’t offend her by calling her snappy.
  198. Hottie– a girl so hot that everyone wants to be her boyfriend.
  199. Huggalump– This is for a girl who supports you on every step.
  200. Sparky– Does she light up your fire of passion every time you see her?
  201. Saint– A girl who is always right and does no wrong.
  202. Roo Roo– a girl who has incredible patience with leadership qualities.
  203. Punk– a girl full of spirit who fights away everything that comes her way.
  204. My Love– For the one true love of your life.
  205. Princess – if you believe you are worthy of being her prince, then she is definitely your princess.
  206. Hun– This is another short version for honey which is for a sweet and adorable girl.
  207. Tootsie– she is your best friend as you can share and do anything with her.
  208. Hunk– if your girl has a bit manly built but still is beautiful, this is for her.
  209. Love– if she is everything you want and need, this is for her.
  210. Little Mama– a girl with a mother like care and affection for her guy.
  211. Snookie– this comes from sugar and cookie and it is for a girl who is sweet and unique.
  212. Funny Hunny – For a girl who is fun loving and spreads laughter everywhere.
  213. Snowflake– for a girl who is unique, delicate and very sweet.
  214. Cutesy Pie– if your girl is all chirpy and cheery, then this one is for her.
  215. Snuggems– a girl who is petite and sweet. She is everything you want in a little package.
  216. Soulmate− the one that your soul recognizes as another you.
  217. Tum-Tums– this is another way of saying Tommy.
  218. My everything– This is for the girl who means everything to you.
  219. Sparkles– For a girl who sparks up your life.
  220. Sugar Pie– is she so sweet that you want to eat her up?
  221. Summer– for a girl who lights up everything like summer does.
  222. Honey Bunch– another variant of honey for a supportive, sweet and comfortable to be with kind of girl.
  223. Sunshine– Does she bring warmth in your heart and brightens up your world?
  224. Superstar– for a girl who is extremely popular wherever she goes or someone who rocks your world.
  225. Spunky– a girl with a lot of attitude and is never scared of anything.
  226. Babykins– This is a cute nickname for a girl you are madly in love with.
  227. Chunky Monkey– if your girl is full of spirits and very lively, this is for her.
  228. Cuteness– is your girlfriend extremely adorable?
  229. Huggy Bear– a girl with a soft and affectionate heart.
  230. Chica– a nice nickname for a girl who is beauty personified.
  231. Chick– this is a really common one which means sweet and simple.
  232. Tinkerbell– a girl who brimming with spirit, too active to be true and is quiet vocal about her thoughts.
  233. Toots– This is a cute way of saying ‘darling’.
  234. Dove –it is for a girl who is very pure in her essence.
  235. Dream Boat –It is up to her how she takes it but it sure sounds good.
  236. Firecracker –for a girl who always gets into troubles and is extremely energetic.
  237. Heart Throb– a girl who beautiful on the outside and inside.
  238. Super Woman– A girl who is good at everything is your super woman.
  239. Fluffya cute girl with a soft and sensitive heart.
  240. Everything –Is she your everything?

    Romantic names to Call Your Girlfriend

  241. Tootsy Wootsy– a sweet, innocent and naïve kind of girl.
  242. Treasure– a girl you value and is extremely precious for you.
  243. Sunny– a girl who is full of spirits, chirpy, happy and bright.
  244. Tulip– For a girl who is unique and lively.
  245. Twinkle Toes– a girl who is really quick in doing everything.
  246. Valentine– you can call her your valentine every day rather than just the Valentine’s Day.
  247. Wifey– For a girl you have all intentions of marrying.
  248. Sweetsie– This one comes from ‘sweetie’ which means someone who is dear to you.
  249. Precious Angel– if your girl has a pure heart and soul, this will be a good name for her.
  250. Sweetthang– Extremely precious and unique.
  251. Honey Buns– Now what can be sweeter than honey buns?
  252. Honey Cakes–for a girl who is a perfect combination of sweet and sexy.
  253. Sweetums– a girl who is so amazing that she has completely shaken up your world.
  254. Tarzan– a girl who has a wild and exciting spirit.
  255. Love of my Life-This is for your one true.
  256. Tator-Tot− a girl who is well endowed, especially with a beautiful bust.
  257. Teardrop– a girl who is home to love.
  258. Snookums– a girl who makes an extraordinary life partner.
  259. Teddy Bear– huggable, lovely, cute and cuddly.
  260. Temptress– For a girl who is so sexy that she can just tempt anyone.
  261. Tiger– this is for an aggressive girl who excites you.
  262. Buddy– Call her buddy so she remains more of a friend to you and remains easy for you to handle.
  263. Bunbuns– does she make you want to squeeze, hug and kiss her?
  264. Love Muffin– a girl who makes you feel comfortable and you simple can’t do without her.
  265. Lover Girl-A girl who knows the art of love.
  266. Love Bug– A girl who intoxicates you and takes you a different world.
  267. Looker− a girl whose eyes have a habit of wandering.
  268. Mami– this comes from a Spanish slang which means sexy lady.
  269. Minnie− a girl who is cute, petite, shy and amazing.
  270. Sweety– For a girl who extremely sweet and pretty.
  271. My Beloved– this is a classic nickname that never gets old.
  272. Girlfriend– this is meant for a girl with whom you want to go beyond friendship.
  273. Frou-Frou –is your girl crazy about art and fashion?
  274. Dear –Short but classic. It never gets old.
  275. Twinkle– This is a good name for a girl who brings life into you.
  276. Dimples –does your girlfriend have a dimple that makes her look cute?
  277. Doobie –this is for a playful girl and is derived from Scooby Doo’s middle name.
  278. Sun Beam– For a girl who brightens up your everything just like the sun beam.
  279. Sweet Stuff– for a girl sweet by nature and beautiful at heart.
  280. Sugar Puff– This is yet another way of saying ‘sweetie’.
  281. Mouse–for a girl who is really shy but keeps taking your by surprise with her adventurous nature.
  282. Snuggly– For a girl who is cute and cuddly.
  283. Sprinkles– She is sweet and irresistibly adorable just like the sugar you sprinkle on donuts, muffins or cake.
  284. Cherry– Because she completes your life.
  285. Hop– this is for a girl who is fun loving.
  286. Pooh– If she is cute and loveable just like Winnie the Pooh.
  287. Rose– For a girl who is precious like a rose to you.
  288. Cherub– This is meant for a very cute lady.
  289. Chickadee–For an energetic, funny and playful girlfriend of yours.
  290. Sugar Plum– This one is romantic name fit for a wife.
  291. Cheeky Chimp– this one is a playful name for a girl who smile and laughs often.
  292. Chico– This is for a sweet and small girl whom you adore.
  293. Buster– A girl who leak out every one’s secrets here and there.
  294. Bumper Butt– Be cautious when you call her this one.
  295. Smiley face– a girl who smiles very often.
  296. Shmoopie– a girl who loves being loved by you.
  297. Bubbies– A romantic way of saying ‘baby’.
  298. Beanie– a cute little name for girls.
  299. My Special Star– The girl who is like your lucky charm and is making you move towards your destiny.
  300. Sweet Little Dumpling– A girl who is a bit chubby but still very pretty.
  301. Boo Boo– Boo come from ‘beau’ in French which means beautiful.
  302. Hot Stuff– for a girl who pretty and sexy.
  303. Adorable– if she is love personified, adorable will be a good name for her.
  304. Cheeky Monkey– A humorous nickname for a gorgeous lady.
  305. Bubble Butt– This is in case she has cute butts.
  306. Cuddle Bug– For a girl who likes cuddling all the time.
  307. Monkey Butt– Don’t say this to her in case you want to pick a fight.
  308. Mamacita – mamacita is a sexy girl who is highly unpredictable with a wild spirit.
  309. Mama– For a girl who comforts and cares about you just like a mother.
  310. Bumpkin– This means an unintelligent person. If you want to part ways with her then you can use it.
  311. Lumlums– A girl who takes you by surprise all the time but in a good way.
  312. Pink– A girl who is fair, pink, smiley and cheerful.
  313. Lovey love– This is for someone you never get tire loving round the clock.
  314. Precious– A girl you value and mean everything to you.
  315. Pretty Girl– Call her that and it will make her feel beautiful.
  316. Pookie– this is a playful and funny name for your girl.
  317. Pooh Bear– a girl who is huggable, innocent, funny, polite and cute just like the Pooh .
  318. Hot Mama– This is for an extremely hot and sexy girl.
  319. Pinky– a girl full of energy and beauty.
  320. Monkey– This is for a girl who is playful and simply cannot sit in one place.
  321. My Queen– For a girl who rules every bit of your existence and you can’t imagine a life.
  322. Lovey Dovey− a girl who showers you with love all the time.
  323. Passion– A girl who is mysteriously exciting and enchanting.
  324. without her.
  325. Perfect– For a girl you find flawless.
  326. Snuggle Bunny– a girl you want to cuddle with and love all day long.
  327. Sweet Thang– A girl who completes you.
  328. Dewdrop –A sensual and attractive girl who sets you on fire.
  329. Freckles –a girl with freckles yet beautiful.
  330. Dummy –Call her dummy and you are gone. Be careful with this one.
  331. Gummie Bear – a girl who is sweet, cute and cuddly.
  332. Pooka– if a girl who is a perfect combination of energy and beauty.
  333. Honey– Do you know of anything sweeter than honey?
  334. Sexy Mama– For a girl with a perfect curvy body.
  335. Shawty– A slang nickname for girl who is hot and sexy.
  336. Lubber– This is for a potential girlfriend who is not yet an announced girlfriend.
  337. Sexy– a girl who turn tons of heads every day with her beauty.
  338. Snuggley Bear– a girl who makes you want to hug and squeeze.
  339. Snicker Doodle– A girl who is spicy, sweet and sour.
  340. Smoochie− a girl who loves to kiss and be kissed.
  341. Silly Goose– Someone who is straight forward and simply makes you laugh with the way she describes things.
  342. Sugams– a mixture of sugar and gum which means someone who is sweet and sexy.
  343. Soldier– A girl with a very strong personality and who gives you utmost support.
  344. Sailor- A girl who likes moving with the flow.
  345. Sexiness– a tempting, beautiful and extremely irresistible lad.
  346. Rosie- this comes from rose and is cute way of call her rose.
  347. Doodle Bug – is your girl irresistibly adorable?
  348. Sweetness– another way of saying ‘my beloved.
  349. Honey Pants– This is playful nickname for a girl you find hot and sexy.
  350. Cutie Head– For a girl with a cute face. Funny and cute nickname to call a girl.
  351. Hunky– A girl you find too hot to be true and you simply can’t resist her.
  352. Killer- for a girl with killer looks who can make you swoon in one glance.
  353. Juliet- the beloved of Romeo who loved her dearly and if you love your girl dearly, then you can call her Juliet.
  354. Lamb- a girl who is petite and cute as a lamb.
  355. Little dove- for a cute girl pure at heart.
  356. Knight in a shining armor- a girl who saves you from trouble and is very supportive.
  357. Lover Girl– for a girl you are head over heels in love with.
  358. Magic Princess– Beautiful and casts magic in your life.
  359. Lover Pie– a girl so adorable you feel like eating her.
  360. Mooky– for a girl who is huggable, lovable, cute and cuddly.
  361. Rubber Ducky– someone who seems innocent yet wicked.
  362. Queen– A name for your only one.
  363. Punkin’ butt– a girl who is tempting and inviting.
  364. Pretty Princess– for a girl who is irresistibly beautiful and graceful; more like an ever green beauty.
  365. Honey Bunny– an adorable little girl who is polite and gentle.
  366. Sugar Lips– woman with lips that are extremely inviting.
  367. Stinky– a girl with a specific fragrance which is not actually bad.
  368. Pudding– a girl who looks pretty in all kinds of attire.
  369. Punkin’– This name is meant for a girlfriend who is stubborn and rigid.
  370. Lady Love– a girl with very feminine qualities (the good ones).
  371. Hunny– A girl who is supportive and can trust without any doubt.
  372. Goobers– a girl who goofs around but with good intentions.
  373. Hot Lips– A girl with lips so beautiful that you feel like kissing.
  374. Pinup Girl– this is a naught nick name for girls with killer looks.
  375. Pooky Pooky– she is far from perfection but still is imperfectly beautiful.
  376. Lovely– A girl who is a complete package for you from being sweet to beautiful.
  377. Smoochy– A girl who is a kiss lover and wants to kiss and be kissed all the time.
  378. Schmoopy– A lady who is sensitive yet lovable.
  379. Sexy Dork– a not-so-intellectual girl but is sexy and attractive.
  380. Sugar Pie Honey Bun– a girl who likes flirting along with being attractive and sexy.
  381. Sweet Cheeks– for girl who has cheeks so soft that you feel like pulling and kissing all the time.
  382. Tiger Toes– a girl who is quick and swift in her movements; never sits in one place for long.
  383. My Beautiful Beloved– For a girl you love endlessly.
  384. Lover− a cute nickname for a sexy and beautiful girlfriend.
  385. Love Boodle– a girl who is not just your great pal but also a girlfriend.
  386. Lovebird– is you girl extremely kind and loving?
  387. Dashing –a cute nickname for a girl of your dreams.
  388. Darling o’ Mine − this is a nice nick name to call your darling with.
  389. Babylicious– a girl who is so delicious that you want to eat her.
  390. Monkey Buns– For a girl who is energetic and playful.
  391. Hot Pants– this is for a girl with a great curvy figure.
  392. Pinup– A fun name for calling your girl.
  393. Short Cake– For a girl who is short and cute.
  394. Snoogypuss– this is meant for a girl who likes snuggling with you.
  395. Bee’s Knees– if your lady is amazing, this one is for her.
  396. Cuddly– for your cute and cuddly girlfriend.
  397. My Ride or Die– This is for a girl who is by your side no matter what.
  398. Bebits– a nice pet name to call your girl who is a great friend to you.
  399. Sugar Puss– a girl who is sweet, sensual and sexy.
  400. Chicken– if your girl fears every little, call her with this nickname so she takes risk.
  401. Chunky Bunny– this one is a fun loving way to call your girl.
  402. Poopsie– a girl who gets into a lot of trouble but still is very lovable.
  403. Pretty lady– take her to the seventh heaven by calling her with this romantic nick name.

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