Artist Photoshops Celebrities With Their Younger Selves And The Pictures Are So Touching


Photoshop can create all kinds of magic. While everyone usually slams the photo editing software for helping people create a false sense of perfection, it also makes a lot of really cool stuff possible.

Artists have utilized it to make many kinds of digital art.

Dutch artist Ard Gelinck is using it to mimic time traveling. He takes present-day photos of celebrities and Photoshops them with their younger selves, an extreme take on the recent 10-year challenge that swept the internet.

The pictures have proven to be very powerful. With some celebrities, it’s fascinating to see how their styles have evolved. With others, it’s a bittersweet testament to how time has passed.

They can also be very emotional in the cases of celebrities who have passed away.

The combination of nostalgia and surprise that the photos evoke has made them very popular. Ard has over 100,000 followers admiring his timeline-bending artwork on Instagram.

The 10-year challenge recently had people seeing how time has treated them by comparing a photo of themselves in the present-day to one from 10 years ago. One artist has taken those kinds of comparisons and brought them to the next level with his favorite celebrities.

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Ard Gelinck is an artist from the Netherlands. He’s been creating these photos of celebrities and their past selves for years, but they’ve recently really taken off. It almost feels like the photos create the illusion of time travel.