7 Sad Reasons That Make People Cheat on Their Loved Ones. And Ways to Happily Avoid Them


5. A curiosity for new experiences

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The internet. Tinder. The gym. You can face temptation anywhere and sometimes might feel curious about whether you could achieve a new goal and win someone’s heart. It’s like a contest where, instead of playing tennis, you flirt with someone to see if you’ve still “got it.” You may really love your partner, but might be craving a challenge.

How to avoid it:

  1. Executive control of yourself can help you to avoid the impulses that everyone feels. But you can’t control your partner.
  2. Pay attention to how a person behaves in the beginning of your relationship. If they pay too much attention to other people all the time, this should be a sign for you. Maybe your future partner is not ready for something serious.


6. An inability to commit

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For some, a relationship doesn’t mean having just one partner. Some people are just more open-minded.

How to avoid it:

If you prefer a traditional relationship, discuss it with your partner and don’t be scared to be yourself. It’s better to avoid an unhealthy relationship in the beginning, than to have a broken heart and a bad experience later.


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