7 Sad Reasons That Make People Cheat on Their Loved Ones. And Ways to Happily Avoid Them


3. Your partner just fell out of love with you or fell in love with someone else.

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Yes, this is very painful! But love is a tricky thing. You might be drinking coffee in a coffee shop and boom! You see a person and you feel like your heart stops. We can’t explain this, but sometimes chemistry, destiny, or karma are the triggers. So it’s very possible that a person could just fall out of love too.

How to avoid it:

  1. Every relationship has challenges. No one is perfect and you need to accept that as a fact.
  2. Keep being romantic with your partner. It’s also work to be in a relationship, but it is enjoyable work that will develop you as a person.
  3. Take action. It is nice to say or hear, “I love you’’, but you still need to prove it.
  4. Respect the independence of your partner and yourself.
  5. Don’t try to force things.


4. Anger is a trigger for cheating.

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You suspect or know your partner hurt you or betrayed you. Let’s get even! You want revenge!

How to avoid it:

1. Focus on managing yourself, but not your partner. You can’t be responsible for the actions of other people, but you can be responsible for your actions and emotions. Being calm is much more effective. Surround yourself with friends who can keep your mood up.

2. Share your feelings instead of placing blame on someone else.

3. Analyze the situation and try to find the best solution instead of slamming doors. Your partner will most likely regret their actions when they see you as a reasonable and calm person.