7 Sad Reasons That Make People Cheat on Their Loved Ones. And Ways to Happily Avoid Them


1. Lack of passion in a relationship

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This was the most common reason noted by individuals in one of the studies. You can have emotional harmony with your partner but if there’s always been a lack of passion, it may end with cheating.

How to avoid it:

  1. Talk to your partner, be open about your needs, and try not to deny the needs of your partner right off the bat.
  2. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  3. You can try sessions together with a psychologist if you don’t know how to start discussing this problem yourself.


2. Lack of emotional satisfaction

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This can be very dangerous because if you don’t feel emotional intimacy, you may get depressed and start searching for another source of happiness. Less connection leads to more chances for cheating.

How to avoid it:

  1. Work together to create something meaningful.
  2. Be responsible for your actions. If you make a mistake, don’t just leave it as it is. Unsolved problems create more problems.
  3. Balance your work and personal life.
  4. Your partner also has a right to their own opinion. Instead of fighting it’s better to find a compromise.


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