6 Foods That Can Give You Puffy Eyes and 4 That Can Fix Them



If you are allergic to wheat, barley, or rye, or you are gluten intolerant, eating anything made of these things can cause bloating. In these cases you will have to say goodbye to wheat-based products and find other alternatives.

Lactose intolerance is more common than some might imagine. One estimate puts the average at around 65–70% of the adult global population. So if you are one of those whose metabolism doesn’t like dairy products, steer clear of them to avoid unnecessary bloating. And remember, your beloved ice creams are dairy products too!

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Sugar is one of the most inflammatory foods imaginable. It causes inflammation all over the body, but around the eyes it is most visible because the skin there is thin and prone to swelling. Also, limiting sugar or completely avoiding it has many other health benefits. Artificial sugar or sweeteners are also equally dangerous when it comes to causing bloating.

Just like tomatoes, chili peppers are also from the nightshade family. But apart from solanine, they also contain a compound called capsaicin which can cause tissues to get burned and inflamed. And this inflammation can easily occur around your eyes.


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