30 Brutally Honest “Before And After Kids” Memes That are Actually Hilarious


Babies are so adorable! They’re cuddly and cute. Yeah… As long they’re not your own!

Never underestimate the power of these tiny monsters as they’ll take over all aspects of your life with wreaking havoc upon everything. Even the simple things like taking a nap or watching a movie will seem like the most difficult task because there will be nappies to change or vomits to clean once you have kids. It’s the biggest life-changing event my friend which will ultimately alter every perspective of your life.

This post perfectly encapsulates life before and after having kids. And we couldn’t agree more with these brutally honest but hilarious memes! Scroll on peeps to check them out for yourself.

1. A lot of us would relate to this…

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2. Every morning!!

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