15 Ridiculous Pacifiers That are Getting Popular On Instagram


Ah! The Pacifiers. Pacis, Binkys, Binks, Dummies, Nubbies, or whatever you call them, they can be a total lifesaver! Parents have relied on them for ages to calm crying infants. Though some parents have an extra sense of humor and they love to make their fellow parents laugh especially if they have a screaming baby in their house. While there are literally dozens of shapes to soothe baby, some particular pacifiers are designed to amuse and thus also soothe the adults. These parents all over Instagram are going crazy sharing all kinds of funny pacifiers shoved in their kid’s mouth.

So, start your laugh meters because we have listed up in this post almost 15 ridiculous yet hilarious pacifiers that are getting quite popular on Instagram. We bet these photos will make you go ROFL. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

1 . I think we should take him to the dentist

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2 . Born with something more than a golden spoon

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