15 Ordinary Things We Have at Home That Can Be Dangerous


9. Plastic cutting board

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Plastic is a convenient and universal material but you can’t use it for a long time. If you use it for longer than you are supposed to, microscopic pores are formed on the surface of the board where dirt and food stay and rot.

Solution: Replace plastic boards with wooden ones, just don’t forget to buy new ones regularly and use different boards for meat and vegetables. If you prefer plastic boards, choose high-quality models and change them once every several months.

8. AC filters

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Of course, it’s impossible to live without an air conditioner. It makes the temperature low enough to live in. However, they are only safe before the filters inside are full of dust and dirt. After that, the filter becomes a perfect place for mold which is blown into the room together with dust.

Solution: Have your air conditioner checked regularly and don’t forget to change the filter. The AC manual should tell you how often it should be done.


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