15 Ordinary Things We Have at Home That Can Be Dangerous


11. Wash pouf

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Wash pouf are good for the skin because they help to remove the dead skin cells. However, they are also the perfect place for bacteria, especially in a warm and wet bathroom. Many people use the same pouf for a long time without disinfecting it and don’t even know that they are hurting their skin.

Solution: As an alternative, you can buy a pouf made of natural materials which prevent bacteria from reproducing. If you really love your pouf, it’s important to buy a new one regularly (at least once a month) and disinfect it with antibacterial substances.

10. TV

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Watching TV before sleep is a global tendency. But in fact, you shouldn’t do it in the evening because the information and the artificial light from the TV stimulate the function of the brain and can decrease your levels of melatonin which regulate your sleep.

It’s especially bad to watch news and horror movies before sleep. They can cause anxiety, nightmares, and even insomnia.

Solution: Get the TV out of the bedroom. And don’t use a phone or a tablet either.