11 Facts About the Lives of Celebrities That They Willingly Revealed in a Rush of Honesty


10. Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, and Martin Short do “colonoscopy parties.”

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During Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Steve Martin and Martin Short told him about how they prepare to do their colonoscopy by having “colonoscopy parties.” One day before, they get together at Steve’s house with Tom Hanks: they play poker and watch movies, but instead of whiskey and cocktails, they take the medicine in preparation for the procedure.

The story looks more like a joke, but it draws attention to a very serious topic. A colonoscopy is a diagnostic method that helps to detect colon cancer in the early stage, so regular check-ups are necessary.

11. Alan Rickman and Alfonso Cuarón pranked Daniel Radcliffe during the shooting of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

The actors in the main roles remember: when they were doing a scene with sleeping students in the Great Hall in Hogwarts, Alan Rickman and director Alfonso Cuarón deliberately placed Daniel Radcliffe next to the girl he liked and put a farting pillow in his sleeping bag. It worked right when Albus Dumbledore was giving a speech in the Great Hall.

If you had the chance to ask a celebrity any question, what would you ask and who?

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